PREORDER - Tula Pink - Tabby Road Deja Vu - Designer Pack
PREORDER - Tula Pink - Tabby Road Deja Vu - Designer Pack

PREORDER - Tula Pink - Tabby Road Deja Vu - Designer Pack

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Coming in July 2024! *Do not order with in-stock items: Your order will be held until it can ship all at once. Please place separate orders.

Tula Pink - Tabby Road Deja Vu - Designer Pack

Each year, Tula releases a new Deja Vu collection and this time, we have ribbon to coordinate! Our first Deja Vu ribbon collection is Tabby Road; we have a small array of prints but these can transcend collections and match past, present, and future collections.

"I chose Tabby Road for this year's Deja Vu collection for two reasons. The first reason is that I loved this collection and I hope that other people do too. The second reason is to show some love to my cat people. Besties, an all-pets collection that shipped in 2023, largely focused on dogs with a teeny tiny cat print. I am hoping that this will balance the scales."

-Tula Pink

Elevate your projects to new heights with the new Tabby Road collection of ribbons, where we the kitties back to their full glory! Add these gorgeous masterpieces to your next projects - you won't be heartbroken!

100% polyester, washable on a gentle cycle.

This pack includes 6 perfectly coordinated Tabby Road ribbons!


1 yard - 1-1/2" wide Cat Snacks - Cat food cans on purple background
1 yard - 5/8" wide Rainbow Stripe - Rainbow stripe on white background
1 yard - 7/8" wide Disco Dot - Rainbow array of dots on light blue background
1 yard - 3/8" wide PomPoms in Blue Green - original PomPoms from All Stars in teal blue
1 yard - 7/8" wide Lucy - Gorgeous rainbow diamonds in gradient colorwash
1 yard - 3/8" wide Cat Eyes - Cat eyes on persimmon background

The ribbons will embellish many sewing and crafting projects, from bag making to dog collars and add unique accents to any textile project.

100% polyester, washable on a gentle cycle.

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