2yd TK 1" EverGlow Webbing 5 colors
2yd TK 1" EverGlow Webbing 5 colors

2yd TK 1" EverGlow Webbing 5 colors

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Tula Pink Solid Neon Everglow Nylon Webbing - 1" wide. 
Includes one pack of each: Cosmic/Pink, Lunar/Orange, Spirit/Aqua, Moonbeam/Neon, Mystic/Purple, wrapped in an elegant Tula Pink signature wrapper.

"A game Changer in Bag Making! I do not think I will use any other webbing again! I just like it that much!
This webbing makes a bag feel elevated and gives it a more professional look!"
--Tula Pink

This yarn-dyed woven webbing offers stunning colors and durability for straps, handles, and fun embellishments.

Check our Blog Post for more tips and ideas on how to use it.

As it is 100% nylon yarn, remember not to iron directly, but always protect the webbing with a cloth before delicately pressing.

Once cut, the webbing is prone to fraying; we suggest heat sealing, holding the clean edge near a flame without direct contact to prevent burning.

Here is a little step-by-step: Trim the webbing and create a clean edge. Using a lighter, heat gun, or hot knife, gently melt the edge, avoiding direct contact. Allow the seal to cool for a few seconds. Check the seal's strength and repeat if needed. Prioritize safety - work carefully, and don’t burn yourself.

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