My Webbing by Tula Pink

July 21, 2021

Total Game Changer for Bag Making!

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My friend Anjela came by yesterday and fell in love with one of our Kit Club prototype!

That is the perfect fashionable sling!

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"Real close to be the best thing that just happened to be!

It just came out so right!

I do not think I will use any other webbing again! I just like it that much! This webbing makes a bag feeling elevated, gives it a more professional look.

Making bags is a great way to show well my fabric lines." ~ Tula Pink

Tula Pink Webbing Project Bags

Tula Pink Webbing Project images

Tula Pink Webbing Project images 

Where did these colors come from?


★ Bright Soft Pink and Tangerine Orange
★ Slushy Hot Watermelon and Plum 
★ Soft grey and neon yellow
★ Classic Lime and Bright Aqua
★ Tula Special: Blue Aqua with Hot Pink
★ Lavender with Neon Peach


Tula Pink My webbing


All these colors are very crazy, out there, but they go with every thing I try to combine with! They all go together!


  • Tip on sealing the Webbing ends:

Nylon, polypropylene, and polyester webbing can all be sealed using an open flame. Hold the end of your webbing close to but not directly in the fire. Sweep the material back and forth close to the flame to evenly seal the ends. Do not catch the webbing on fire as it will create a burnt look on the end of your webbing.

1 1/2" wide
Nylon webbing
Will be available wholesale ( 16 yd spools and Bundle of 6 colors)
and retail (2 yd mini Packs)


New Tula Pink Webbing


Tula Pink Webbing


Tula Pink Webbing

Here are some behind the scenes images:

How do we weave this fabulous Tula Pink weaving? It all starts with very fine threads that have to be arranged perfectly right to form the warp, it is called warping.


How to weave Tula Pink new striped webbing

How to weave Tula Pink new striped webbing

How to weave Tula Pink new striped webbing



This video showcases a brand new product line that I'm so excited to show you all! We've been hard at work with our friends at Renaissance Ribbons dialing in the most PERFECT webbing to use for bag making and I think we came up with exactly that!

Eek! Just look at how those color combos POP against the fabric!

More information coming soon!

Announced by Tula Pink on July 2020- here is the link to the video:


Tula Pink announces new webbing - it's a game changer


The video refers to 
Buckhorn Pattern and SandHill Sling  by Noodle Head Design
"Stash and Dash" ByAnnie
FreeSpirit Fabrics: Curiouser and Curiouser - DayDreamer

Transcription of the video

Tula July 20, 2021 Facebook Post


I’m not totally ready to show this yet because there’s a lot of information we don’t have but I want to show you what I’ve got so far. I want to keep this honest and not just full of hyperbole and not say that this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me because if I really had to go through and make a list, I don’t know that webbing is it but, it’s really close! I am crazy excited by how this turned out! Outside of a brand-new fabric line which is about the most excited I ever get, this is right up there.

I haven’t been this excited about something new in a really long time. It just came out so right. Sometimes when I’m developing a new product it is difficult to get it right. We have to go through several stages and it takes a really long time but this stuff just came in right, right, right and that pretty much never happens. Developing a product is painstaking especially if it’s something new that I haven’t done before. The company I’m working with – we’re developing it together and that’s what this is.

So, I’m talking about my webbing here.

I’ve made quite a lot of bags at this point and it’s a great way to show off fabric which is why I started doing it. {I was going to say you can’t make quilts all the time but of course that’s ridiculous, of course you can totally make quilts all the time – I do it.} Sometimes I just want to make something different, something that I can finish quickly. I can start a bag in the morning and usually have a bag by the end of day which is really nice.

I showed you this pattern a while ago, the Buckthorn from Noodlehead which I love. I loved making this pattern, it’s a great pattern and I really enjoyed it so I decided to try another one of her patterns called the Sandhill Sling.

I had to make a slight modification for my fabric but the pattern is beautifully written and incredibly easy to make. She calls for canvas which is a sturdier fabric than the quilting cotton I’m using so when I made the first one I made it without Soft and Stable and it felt a little too floppy. So I opened it up and sewed in some Soft and Stable, put the bag back together and it worked out beautifully. It’s super cool – it’s a one-armed bag and it even fits me and I didn’t alter it in any way. It’s a cool, throw-it-on bag with a front pocket.

Something I would like to point out is that I fussy-cut the flap to fit the pocket but if I tried to do it again I’m not sure that I could. So here finally is the green and blue webbing and I matched the interior to the webbing. This other bag is from the new Daydreamer fabric line and I used the accent colors from each fabric to choose the webbing. I used this iridescent hardware from Pink Door Fabrics and Emily Bags sells iridescent hardware too, I believe. Here’s another Sandhill Sling and on this one I used the slushy orange, hot watermelon combo.

I do have actual names for these colors but they’re new and I haven’t committed them to memory. I also wanted to make something little because even though this webbing is 1-1/2” wide, I always use 1-1/2” webbing even if a pattern calls for 1” webbing I just like a sturdy, heavy webbing.

So this is little and I’ve had this pattern forever – it’s a By Annie pattern – it’s just a cute catch-all bag. I hate making ends for things but I thought it was cute to put a little ribbon end on this one that matched the fabric. On the back of this I put this vinyl pocket that I got from Sew Hungry Hippy. She has a lot of cool vinyls. I would call this Tula Classic color palette with the hot pink/aqua combo. I haven’t been able to make all ones I want to make yet – I haven’t had the time.


So, let’s go through the colors. This one is bright soft pink – not so soft actually – a bright pink/tangerine orange. This one is a hot slushy watermelon and plum. Here is our soft dove gray with the neon yellow. Next the classic lime with a bright aqua. And the Tula Special, the blue aqua with the hot pink and lastly, the lavender with neon peach – amazing I know! I don’t remember picking them out.

 Tula Pink My Webbing

Since I haven’t been able to make the last two bags, I’ll just show you what I’m planning on making just to give you an idea of colors.

I want to try making another pattern from Noodlehead called the Range Backpack. This one is formatted a little differently because I downloaded it as a pdf from her website because I wanted to try it now, now, now! For that one I want to use this copper hardware from Sally Tomato, which I always love, using the Daydreamer Flamingos. This one has a top and bottom and you’ll only get a peak of this lavender on the webbing but I think it will be really cool.

The pattern uses quite a lot of webbing because obviously to show off the webbing I want to make things that have a lot of webbing in them. The other one I have left to make is with this combo which is really my favorite (pink & orange) in terms of how it combines with all my fabrics (but I say that and I really don’t mean it, if I’m being honest).  I’m still trying to decide but I’m thinking I might make the By Annie duffel bag with the Ultimate Travel Bag that goes on top because that one is so great for taking fabric and sewing supplies to retreats, etc. I’m thinking of using this one (pink/orange) on the Flamingo fabric but here’s the cool thing – when I laid it on the Fairy Dust from True Colors it’s almost exactly the same colors.

Here’s what I love about these webbing colors – I don’t know how this happened and I’m genuinely baffled by it myself – but all these colors are super crazy. These are not black and white, not pink and beige – these are pretty “out-there” color combinations and yet they all easily work with almost every fabric interchangeably.

I keep recombining the fabrics and webbing – they all totally work. Well, it’s not la huge mystery – I picked all the colors for the fabric and the webbing so I guess I shouldn’t be all that shocked by it.

Every time I try to match these up, every single one worked – each one was a valid option. I don’t feel like I will ever use any other webbing again – I just like it that much. I love the striped aspect of it and to me the webbing just makes a bag feel a bit elevated. I’ve never liked a fabric strap just “looks-wise” even though it’s totally comfortable. I always feel like the oils from your hands catch on a fabric strap and over time it breaks down really quickly and it starts to look dirty on the handle.

When I started making bags I fell in love with webbing, particularly nylon webbing, because it doesn’t absorb the oil from your hands and they last longer, look cleaner and it gives a slightly more professional look which I like especially since I was always so insecure about my bag-making abilities so any little kick of confidence I could give myself when the bag was put together, I wanted.

So webbing, I’m super excited!


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