TK-21/38MM COL 2_y

Midnight Sprout by Tula Pink - 1-1/2"- by the yard

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Luminous Meadow Bloom design on grey and black dotted background, this is one of our most popular Tula Pink wide ribbons! 

It is from an earlier collection: MoonShine  By Tula Pink - Midnight Sprout 1-1/2" width

 Tula Pink's continuing collections of woven Jacquard Ribbons are vibrant and beautiful representations of traditional Ribbon Weaving Craft. Woven ribbons have been used for centuries as trims and finishes on a variety of sewing and craft projects. Tula Pink has designed her ribbons to coordinate with her fabric collections of the same names or to stand alone as a high-quality trim. A beautiful ribbon is a great way to elevate your own sewing projects and make them very unique

Woven jacquard ribbon. 100% polyester, washable on a gentle cycle.