Parisville DejaVu - Fat Stack

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Parisville DejaVu - Fat Stack Factory Precut Bundle of 6 Fat Quarters + 2 Full Yard Cuts of Cameo & Damask Dot

TULA PINK - PARISVILLE DÉJÀ VU - FAT STACK showcases new collection by Tula Pink "PARISVILLE DÉJÀ VU".

Parisville was Tula's first collection for FreeSpirit Fabrics which was originally released in 2010. This collection marked the start of a new partnership that has gone on to last more than a decade!

Tula has left the designs largely intact in an effort to preserve the original qualities of the prints that made them popular in recent years. She made one notable change to the main print. The Cameo print had 3 different hair styles when it was first released and the new print focuses on only the most coveted and classic sailing ship hair style that best represents the narrative.