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Designing Easy & Adorable Ribbon Dog Collars with Renaissance Ribbons


Creating spunky, cute, and unique accessories for your loved ones is no new tradition, so including our furry family members makes perfect sense! Ribbon dog collars are our favorite creative addiction, and we've been creating and providing specialty ribbon for dog collars for over 30 years. In addition to being relatively easy to design and finish, collars are never plentiful enough in a house full of hounds! With our broad selection of textiles, patterns, and designers, you'll want for nothing more than a cup of tea and an hour alone in your sewing sanctuary to get started. Read ahead for 5 great tips on creating ribbon dog collars with Renaissance Ribbons!

1. Choose a design. Crafting an adorable ribbon collar should be fun, not a chore! If you're a novice seamstress or simply prefer a quick project over a detailed project, choose a sewing pattern and style that you and your schedule can jive with. Otherwise, allow yourself to be creatively challenged with some more complex sewing patterns! Here are some of our favorites:

2. Make your color choice wisely. Not only will this be a daily accessory for your pet, but you and your family be seen with it, too. Grab a design that represents your taste and lifestyle, and consider the types of wear and tear the collar will be likely to experience. If you and yours are "ruff" and tumble, try a darker pattern like Tattoo Ribbon by Raphael Kerley to disguise the dirt; likewise, prim and proper pups will look great in light, bright colors, like this lively Navy Flame Stitch by Kaffe Fassett.

3. Make more than one. These chic collars are addictive! Like the best potato chips, make just one and you'll be on a collar-making kick before you can say, "woof!" As soon as your friends and family see a pattern from our large selection of 7/8" ribbon in one of your handmade collars, they'll be begging for one for their own pet! Make more than one and experiment with different sizes and styles to really get the hang of this project, all while stockpiling super giftable collars for your extended fuzzy family. 

4. Measure twice, cut once! Crafting isn't about being perfect or exceptional-- it's about fun, first and foremost. An ill-fitting or unsafe project is no fun at all, however! Measure carefully to make sure your pup is going to be comfortable and safe wearing your project. Use a leash and collar size chart to best calculate the right fit for your pooch! Their happiness is the reward you'll get from hand-crafting an adorable and useful accessory for your pet. Use pet-safe findings and other decorations, and be sure your canine companion won't be compelled to munch on the trappings. 

5. Consider turning a profit. Handmade pet accessories are widely sought after, specifically because of the endless customization options available. Selling your ribbon dog collars on crafty sites, like Etsy, can be especially lucrative around Christmas or other decoration-heavy holidays (think Halloween, Valentine's Day, and July 4th), and could easily become a fixture at your local groomers or pet supply store with a request. Try your hand at a few keepers, then consider making a few to sell-- your hobby could turn into a part-time job during the holidays! 

Whether you're looking to make lovely hand-crafted pet accessories for you and your family or aiming to start a business, Renaissance Ribbon is the perfect place to start! With hundreds of unique and long-lasting textiles to choose from, your adventure is simply a click away. Browse our easy-to-use website and specialty Dog Collar Ribbon section for our most popular patterns and designers!


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Ribbon for Dog Collars: 

At Renaissance Ribbons we love dogs and dogs love our ribbons. We have been designing and supplying dog collar ribbons for over 30 years! that like 210 in dog years :) Check out our collection of links resources to help you pick the best dog collar ribbon for your project and even learn how to make your own dog collar with our preppy ribbon designs for dogs.

Dog Collar Ribbon Tutorials:

We have seen man iterations of beautiful dog collars made by all sorts of pet collar companies and crafty artists that love their pups. If you are interested in making your own dog collar with one of our designer dog collar ribbons why not try one of these simple dog collar tutorials from our sewing friends.

Thinking of making do collars to sell? what a great idea! we have your covered with our huge collecting of wholesale dog collar ribbons we have what you need. 

 Get to it, have some fun using our Ribbons for Dog Collars on a new project!

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Below are some links to the best selection of wholesale ribbons we offer for dog collars. if you didn't already know, we are the number one dog collar ribbon wholesale company in the USA. We ship from our warehouse in California to places all over the world. We love how many different ways our ribbons are used in endless ways
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    How to Make Dog Collars to Sell:

    Webbing, Ribbon, Hardware, a couple of hours, and you can make your very own boutique style dog collar and leash. This is such a fun and easy project, you'll be offering to make them for all your canine friends and you should!

    How to Make Dog Collar to Sell 

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