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We are among the most unique wholesale ribbon suppliers in the USA. We Sell Embroidered Ribbons By the Spool and offer Ribbons by the Yard through our Wholesale Ribbon & retail distribution sites.


We Sell Embroidered Ribbons, Woven Ribbon, French Ribbon or Jacquard Ribbons.

What Is Jacquard Ribbons?
Jacquard ribbons are like mini woven tapestries in the form of a textile ribbon, not to be confused with printed fabric ribbons. Woven jacquard ribbons are made with hundreds of threads and have a beautiful textural look and feel. Jacquard ribbons sometimes go by different descriptions like embroidered ribbons, woven ribbon, french ribbon, woven Jacquard or textile ribbons.


We Can Make Custom Ribbons or Personalized Ribbons

Do you need a personalized ribbon for your company logo? do you want a custom sports team ribbon or a corporate ribbon with your business identity brand. You can put any design or name on a ribbon? we can manufacture a custom ribbon design and put your logo on a woven ribbon. We offer promotional ribbon designs for your business or brand. Would you like too design your own ribbon or put your corporate identity on a ribbon, you’ve come to the right place. Our Custom Embroidered Ribbon Design program offers just that. Contact us and submit your customized ribbon design. We sell wholesale and require a 1000+ yd. minimum for and custom logo ribbon, sports team ribbon, corporate ribbon or promotional ribbon. 
Types of Designer Ribbons
Satin Ribbons, Grosgrain Ribbon, Brocade Ribbon, Metallic Ribbon, Ribbon Trim, Heirloom Cotton, Imported French Wired Ribbons ,French Ribbon ,Wide Ribbon, Narrow Ribbon, Damask Ribbon, Taffeta Ribbon, Twill Ribbon, Velvet Ribbon, Brushed Velvet, Organdy, Organza, Cord, Piping ribbon, double faced ribbons ,Craft Ribbons, Rick Rack Ribbon, Taffeta Ribbons, Linen Ribbons, Fabric Ribbon, Lace Ribbon, Velvet Ribbon, Printed Ribbons, Jacquard Ribbons

Our Wholesale Ribbon & Trim Supplies

We warehouse stock over 1000 exclusively designer woven jacquard ribbons in California and offer more than 6000 choices of imported french ribbon

Customer Service for our Wholesale Ribbon Company

Since the beginning of our wholesale ribbon supplier company our staff have remained personal, flexible and charming. We are happy to respond to all your wholesale ribbon requests. We bring you the greatest experience along with the finest woven jacquard ribbons & trim in America! Give us a call and buy wholesale embroidered ribbons for your business or project.

Best of the Wholesale Ribbon Suppliers USA 

we have been in business for over 30 years, designing, importing, manufacturing jacquard ribbons for all kinds of industries.


Our Novelty Ribbon Designers:

Pat Bravo Ribbons
Kaffe Fassett Ribbons
Tula Pink Ribbons
Zecca Ribbons
Sue Spargo Ribbons
Amy Butler Ribbons
Anna Maria Ribbons
Bonnie Christine Ribbons
LFN Textiles Ribbons
Nancy Zieman Ribbons
Dena Designs Ribbons
Jessica Jones Ribbons
French General Ribbons
Jane Sassaman Ribbons
Raphael Kerley Ribbons
Philip Jacobs Ribbons
Parson Gray Ribbons
Luella Doss Ribbons

Personalized Ribbon & Custom Ribbon Design

With our 25+ years of experience of wholesale ribbon manufacturing and distribution let us help your business grow with remarkable woven jacquard ribbons or trim. Our team can offer you custom woven jacquard ribbon for all your business needs. Be distinctive in your industry! Use a woven jacquard ribbon! Contact us for details on custom jacquard ribbons!

Exclusive Wholesale Jacquard Ribbons & Trim

Our collection of extraordinary woven jacquard ribbons is all in stock and ready to ship from California USA. All our woven jacquard ribbon are designed by our ribbon company and are copyrighted and seriously valued. We stock many great designs of wholesale novelty jacquard trim and wholesale preppy jacquard ribbons

Who Buys Embroidered Ribbons and Trims

Jacqaurd ribbons are used to finish a wide variety of products. Just below are some of the types of markets our woven jacquard ribbon store sells to wholesale ribbons. Arts & Crafts, Ribbon & Fabric Shops, Bridal, Pet industry, Interior Decor, Floral Ribbon Stores, Craft Ribbon Company, Woven Jacquard Store, Dog Collar Designers, Fashion Apparel

Wholesale Jacquard Ribbons & Trims

Our ribbon supply covers a wide range of styles and widths. Go through this database to discover and buy wholesale ribbons. You will need to register to access to our ribbon prices and secure ordering system, then you'll be able to buy ribbons online. Once you are registered as a wholesale purchaser there is a $150.00 minimum opening order to buy ribbons online. Full spools only we do not sell woven jacquard trim by the yard

Where to buy wholesale ribbon online? 

Right on our wholesale ribbon supplier company website. We have a beautiful ribbon supply website that makes it easy to browse our entire embroidered ribbon collection.


Wholesale Ribbon Company FAQ --- Wholesale Ribbon Companies


Most Unique among all the Wholesale Ribbon Suppliers in the USA!

Over 25 years of designing, manufacturing & wholesale distribution of novelty woven jacquard ribbon & trims. 

Enjoy our beautiful collection of quality novelty jacquard ribbon , imported French ribbon and custom embroidered ribbon & trim. We supply novelty jacquard ribbon, wholesale woven jacquard & French embroidered ribbon. All our wholesale jacquard bulk ribbons are in stock & ready to ship from our wholesale ribbon supply warehouse in California USA.

Double Faced Satin Sheer, Grosgrain, Polka Dot Ribbon, Preppy Jacquard Silk Trims

Cotton Lace Damask Satin Organza Brocade Bulk Ribbon USA Ribbons

Owned and Operated by the CEO Edith Minne