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Our Wholesale Ribbon and Trim Supplies List

We warehouse stock over 1000 exclusively designer woven jacquard ribbons in California and offer more than 6000 choices of imported french ribbon and trims

Satin Ribbon
Flower Ribbons
Greek Keys
Wave Ribbon
Cat Ribbon
Lacey Lace
Double Face Satin
Starfish Ribbons
Butterfly Ribbon
Organza Organdy
Sheer Ribbons
Fancy Ribbon
Bird Ribbons
Ric Rac (Rick Rack)
Velvet Ribbon
Cotton Grosgrain
Animal Print Ribbon
Organic Cotton Satin
Acetate Ribbon
Heirloom Cotton
Baby Ribbon
Embroidered Trims
Gingko Ribbon
Suzani Pattern
Novelty Jacquard Ribbon
Children's Novelty
Wide Wired Ribbon
Nautical Ribbons
Preppy Jacquard Ribbons
Floral Ribbons
Checkered (Checks)
Vintage Jaquared
Spoon Ribbon
Buy Jacquard Ribbons
Dala Horse Ribbon
Paisley Jacquard
Beets Ribbon
Snowman Ribbon
Striped Ribbons
Polka Dot Ribbons
Lobster Ribbon
Discount Ribbon
Christmas Plaid Ribbon
Xmas Ribbons
French Wired Ombre
Metallic Ribbons
Embroidered Jacquard
Christmas Ribbons
Brocade Ribbon
Classic Patterns
Kaffe Fassett Ribbon
Stretch Ribbons
Wholesale Designer Ribbon
Teddy Bear Ribbon
Cake Ribbon
Tractor Ribbon
Woven Jacquard Tape
Duck Ribbon
Horse Ribbon
Sewing Ribbons
Fruit Ribbon
Seahorse Ribbon
Embroidered Ribbons
Damask Ribbons
Tattoo Ribbon
Metallic Ribbon
Navy Ribbon
Pink Ribbon
Silver Ribbon
Printed Wired
Novelty Ribbon
Resort & Nautical
Crab Ribbon
Sea Shell Ribbons
Cupcake Ribbon
Palm Tree Ribbon
Wholesale Preppy Ribbons
Twill Heringbone
Custom Jacquard Trim
Holiday Ribbon
Woven Jacquard Trim
Cherry Ribbon
Craft Ribbon
Grosgrain Ribbon
Our Woven Ribbon Designers
All our designer ribbons are created by the best woven ribbon designers
kaffe Fassett ribbons
Kaffe Fassett
Kaffe Fassett's unique sense for colors and drive to create has led to his reputation as a guru in the color and textile industry. Each of our ribbons is inspired by his world famous quilt and fabric designs.
Jennifer Jangles
Starting her creative career in sewing when she was five, then completing her degree in ceramics she's worked with the design & creation of tiles, beads, buttons & jewelry.  With her new ribbons, she's melded her two loves: sewing and ceramics
Jennifer Jangles Ribbons
Laura Foster Nicholson Ribbons
Laura Foster Nicholson
Laura Foster Nicholson is an award winning textile artist nationally known for hand woven tapestries. Her woven jacquard ribbons are elaborately designed with decorative richness & a wonderful sense of delight in each woven ribbon
Sue Spargo
Sue Spargo draws her inspiration from art in Southern Africa. She has gained recognition from quilters and crafters for her Contemporary Folk Art designs. Now Sue has designed a beautiful coordinated woven ribbons collection
Sue Spargo Ribbons
Cheris Flieder Ribbons
Cheris Flieder
Cherish Fielder's signature "Something to Cherish" style embodies the beauty of watercolor painting with hand-stitched embroidery. Cherish is passionate about the texture that is achieved by applying satin thread to her paintings
Anna Maria Horner
Inspired by Anna Maria's desire "to spark creative fires for home and fashion" we have collaborated with her to bring you this exquisite collection of woven jacquard ribbons in these luscious colors and designs!
Anna Maria Horner ribbons
Customer Service for Wholesale Ribbons Supply
Since the beginning of our wholesale ribbon suppliers company our staff have remained personal, flexible and charming. We are happy to respond to all your wholesale ribbon requests. We bring you the greatest experience along with the finest woven jacquard trim online! Buy wholesale embroidered ribbons now.
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1-877-422-6601 for the Wholesale Ribbon Suppliers USA - USA Ribbons
custom ribbons
Personalized Ribbon & Custom Jacquard
With our 25+ years of experience in being a wholesale ribbon manufacturer and distributor, let us help your business grow with remarkable woven jacquard ribbons or trim. Our team can offer you custom woven jacquard ribbon for all your business needs. Be distinctive in your industry! Use a woven jacquard ribbon! Contact us for details on custom jacquard ribbons!
Exclusive Wholesale Jacquard Ribbon & Trim
Our collection of extraordinary woven jacquard ribbons is all in stock and ready to ship from California USA. All our woven jacquard ribbon are designed by our ribbon company and are copyrighted and seriously valued. We stock many great designs of wholesale novelty jacquard trim and wholesale preppy jacquard ribbons
Who Buys Embroidered Ribbons and Trims
Look no further for where to buy ribbon online. Jacqaurd ribbons are used to finish a wide variety of products. Just below are some of the types of markets our woven jacquard ribbon store sells the best wholesale ribbons and trim to. Arts & Crafts, Ribbon & Fabric Shops, Bridal, Pet industry, Interior Decor, Floral Ribbon Stores, Craft Ribbon Company, Woven Jacquard Store, Dog Collar Designers, Fashion Apparel
Wholesale Jacquard Ribbons and Trims
Our ribbon supply covers a wide range of styles and widths. Go through this database to discover and buy wholesale ribbons. You will need to register to access to our ribbon prices and secure ordering system, then you'll be able to buy ribbons online. Once you are registered as a wholesale purchaser there is a $150.00 minimum opening order to buy ribbons online. Full spools only we do not sell woven jacquard trim by the yard
Where to buy wholesale ribbon online? Right here at our wholesale ribbon supplier company
Ribbon Company History
Many years ago I began a love affair with French Jacquard Trim or woven ribbon...
Brocade Ribbons, Damask Ribbons, Satin, Velvet, Taffeta, All those gorgeous French Jacquard Ribbons, even the names have a poetry evocative of a way of life, of chateauxs, tapestries and gardens. I founded Renaissance Ribbon to meet the appreciative and growing demand for the beauty and quality of traditional French Embroidered Ribbons. We grew by one spool of beautiful ribbon after another, combining the old tradition of french ribbon weaving and quality with the creativity and affordable fashion-forward preppy ribbon designs required for todays markets. More than 25+ yrs. later we have grown into a wholesale ribbon company that designs, creates and supplies wholesale novelty ribbons to thousands of woven jacquard trim loving customers worldwide. From our home base in the lovely rolling foothills of Northern California we invite you, ribbon lovers, to share in our passion and enjoy our many embroidered ribbons, best ribbon and novelty jacquard trim.