How to Use Ribbons

How To Use Ribbons to Create Fabulous Unique Hand Made Gifts

Do you have a stash of ribbon and need some ideas on how to use it? Ribbon can be added to so many sewing projects, from garments to bags to home dec items. Put your stash to good use with these creative ideas for sewing with ribbon.

Whether you are looking for a way to up your game at the next craft market that you attend or you simply want to make handmade gifts for friends and family, ribbons are a great option. Woven ribbons encompass all sorts of bright colors and designs, allowing you to be fully creative. Renaissance Ribbons of any width can be sewn together and create a unique fabric in itself, for all sorts of creative gifts.

Sewing together strips of differently colored ribbon is a great way to create a fun, colorful little bag for your essentials. It’ll be a statement piece or complement a bright outfit!

Ribbon wrapped bucket bag sew4home        Dog collar with a Tula Pink Chipper ribbon      A double zippered bag pattern by    Do you have a stash of ribbon and need some ideas on how to use it? Ribbon can be added to so many sewing projects, from garments to bags to home dec items

Choose Coordinating Designs

The first thing to explore is the designs. You can find two or three designs that coordinate with each other. Just as you might use several designs for a quilt, the same can be accomplished with woven ribbons. This will allow you to alternate designs or incorporate one design into the middle as a way to be truly unique.

All sorts of beautiful designs are available for you to choose from. Pink, blue, green, yellow, and more are waiting for your creativity.


Get Creative

You can create all sorts of different options for people to use on a daily basis. Consider pouches and bags where you can sew ribbons together at any length. Choose smaller cuts of ribbon for eyeglass cases and makeup pouches or larger cuts for such things as messenger bags and beach bags.

The sky is the limit in terms of your creativity:

  • Cosmetic bags
  • Small shoulder bags
  • Zipper pouches
  • Cell phone pouches
  • iPad cases
  • Hair bows
  • Curtains
  • Pet ribbons
  • Flip flops
  • Key fobs

Think about who the recipient of your gift is going to be. Ribbons can be used to craft for mothers, fathers, teachers, teenagers, pets, and more.

Once you have sewn the various ribbons together to create the length and width of material that you need, you can then choose to add a satin lining or even add a layer of interfacing ribbons, fusible or not, or batting, adding texture and dimension to your project. Zippers, buttons, and other closures can be added to the ribbons, too. 

You don't have to use any kind of pattern, either. Simply let your imagination run wild. Remember that ribbons can be used to form the entire material or be used as guitar straps, dog collars, belts, and other creative ways. There is no right or wrong way to use ribbon when creating bags, pouches, cases, and even apparel. Those who receive your handmade gifts will be impressed by what you have created. Plus, with the use of various ribbons in a single project, it will be impossible for it to be duplicated, which ensures that you are absolutely unique.

Add Ribbon to an Existing Project

You might also want to take a look at what you have already created using another material. For example, if you have made a girl's dress, you may want to add Renaissance Ribbons as the shoulder straps or as an embellishment around the waist. If you have made someone a quilt, you can add woven ribbon on one end to make it easier for people to roll it up and tie it so that it stays rolled up when it's not in use.

Embellishments are a great way for you to put your signature touch on any handmade gift that you make. It's a way to be unique while also adding style to whatever it is that you have chosen to make. If you sell your crafts, it might also be what draws people to what you have to offer so that you can be remembered.

Strips of colored and patterned ribbon are a great way to customize your dog’s boring old leash! This craft is the perfect opportunity to use up small ribbon scraps from previous projects


Put your stash to good use with these creative ideas for sewing with ribbon.

Using new and different materials will allow you to stand out and test your creativity at all times. At Renaissance Ribbons, we also have free patterns to help you get a project started. It may be just what you need to start before your creative juices start to flow.

Learn more about Renaissance Ribbons and how it can be used for unique handmade gifts today.