CL-07 Black and White Club Projects

With CL-07  you get  a snappy color palette - the ribbons are graphic images and beautifully detailed. We have also gathered a great selection of projects for you to choose from!
This is  the Renaissance Bag developed
Add a little luxury to your daily routine! Use two ribbons from the pack to make these simple, quick bags into exquisite masterpieces. Renaissance Ribbon Bags are perfect for travel or everyday use and great for gifts, too!
Mini May Clutched Bag
Using CL-07 ribbons this bag becomes a striking evening bag!
However,  it has many uses:

it's perfect for pens and stationery supplies. It also works well for a little sewing kit for class. Or a travel hexie kit! Or journaling loot! Or jewelry for a trip! Really, the options are endless.

Although it might not look it, it's quite a simple bag to make and is intended to be completed in just a couple of hours!



And some really simple and quick projects.... 

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