What to make with our French Velvet Borders?

French Velvet Ribbon Borders

The original artwork is hand painted by French artist Odile Bailloeul. Then they are printed digitally on a very soft velvet substrate, creating those  scrumptious velvet borders. They have a very soft and supple texture which also  sews beautifully adding sensuality to all your projects!

Velvet Borders Slippers

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These easy-to-make slippers work up quickly and can be customized for gift giving, lounging, post-shower, travel, and more. Great use for focal fabrics, ribbon embellishment, embroidery designs, and bead- ing—the sky’s the limit in terms of creativity.



Velvet borders slippers 


Customer Review DM - Soft velvet border

These borders are the most beautiful I've seen. They are so unique and special. I cannot wait to make something with them. I highly recommend these borders and the gorgeous ribbons. You cannot find such a special product anywhere else.

 The Renaissance Ribbons Bag by Annie Pattern

We love these French Borders so much that my sister Veronique and I  designed a fabulous set of Zipper bag, it was inspired by a vintage French bag with a special construction of only one side seam- which was a wonderful way to not cut in the great velvet fabric and split the design with a seam!

We needed the expert  Annie Unrein to write this pattern! This was such a wonderful opportunity to work closely with Annie. She is a master at explaining new techniques and getting us to try new things...

Voila! The Renaissance Ribbon bag pattern allows you to make 2 bags with 

  1. 1 Pack  French  Velvet Border ( 1 meter=1.1 yd)
  2.  2 pieces of ribbons : wide and narrow)
  3. 1/4 yd lining fabric,
  4. 1 wide tape double zipper 30",
  5. a piece of Soft and Stable.

Once you purchase the pattern, you get access to the free add on video on ByAnnie's website. The code is a unique code printed on a flyer inside the Pattern

what to make with the French Velvet Borders

One way we love using them is to create textile panels, stitching together length of velvet borders to ribbons of different width and colors. 

The borders have a 1/4 inch white edge, that can easily be covered by the finished edge of a ribbon


1) For example, you can make a unique and glamorous cushion cover, like the one I just made in a couple of hours today!

Renaissance Ribbons French Velvet Borders easy Projects



Choose a pillow insert for of your choice, measure the height and width, mine is a 15" square, cut a piece of stabilizer fusible (or not). Arrange your selection of material, cut everything 1" longer than the insert ( I cut all my pieces at 16"), position and play with the arrangement to your satisfaction. Then start stitching the main piece, in the middle, then at the sewing machine continue assembling your panel one ribbon or border at a time.

I prefer not to pin, to not distort the ribbon, I use a zig zag stitch and an invisible thread to connect 2 ribbons together

FRENCH VELVET BORDER diy renaissance Ribbons

When you are done, you can press from the back and prepare the backing of the pillow.

FRENCH VELVET BORDER diy renaissance Ribbons

I usually prefer to make the envelope type of backing, because t gives me one more chance to add a ribbon on the open edge of the insert!

2) An other simple project is to make a small shoulder bag to carry your phone during the days and not always have it in your hands!

Shoulder bag velvet border


The width of the border id 5.5" so you can simply fold a piece on the length ( 18" folded in 2) , I stitched it on top of some  Soft and Stable for extra protection, then stitch right sides together 1/4" both sides.

Tip: Make sure you take in the white border, otherwise it will show in the front

An option is to add lining : create a similar piece out a cotton fabric, leave a 4" open on the side to turn the bag

Time to add a long strap, or a thin cord, or leather handle, or a length of soft webbing covered with a ribbon! I chose 2 small tabs and a D ring and a leather cord with a metal closure.

For a handle of any king: Stitch both ends of the handle on one side of your velvet bag, making sure they do not get twisted and pull down  on the right side of the bag.

Insert it all inside the lining- right sides together, aligning seams at the top, making sure the handles are loose inside to bag

 Align top of lining and velvet carefully, pin or clip, I prefer to hand baste at this stage as it gets tight to get the piece under the needle

More wonderful projects to use the French Velvet Borders! 



 French Velvet Borders


velvet kits


velvet kits




  • Pennie I Moren Brown

    The “velvet” ribbon is beautiful. I ordered 2 units of the jungle animals to make a bag for a friend’s birthday. I found the combination of the ribbon and Soft and Stable to be too bulky for my machine to stitch thru. The backing on the ribbon feels like plastic to me. Although I used a low temperature on my iron, the backing melted onto the ironing board cover. I wish you would provide more information about this product and how to deal with bulk and ironing. Thank you.

  • Susan Stoor


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