Ribbon Art or the Artful Ribbon

As a jacquard woven ribbon company for more than 30 years, we had a great opportunity to handle many kind of ribbons, they are typically used as an embellishment, but we also discover new ways to sew with ribbons and one of the way is to create your own fabric with ribbons!

RIBBON ART. A variety of effects can be created simply by sewing the ribbons together at different angles and in varying lengths. It's a kind of patch working or piecing together of these lovely woven ribbons.

We're very excited to show you what we've been doing with our ribbons and will be creating new kits to inspire you to make all sorts of eye-catching projects. To date we've offered the successful Chevron Pouch kits in several ribbon and fabric combinations. The Chevron Pouch kit requires careful measuring of the ribbons and piecing to get the right placement for best effect. For simpler sewing you can also place ribbons horizontally or vertically, or diagonally (**see our projects**) but what we're most delighted by is the block patchwork technique where any length or width of ribbon is pieced together usually at right angles to create a new piece of 'fabric'.


That is the way it starts:

Ribbon Art

This is a more organic way of making a pattern and the results can be spectacular For any of the above methods you use a zig-zag stitch with invisible thread sewing onto a base of Pellon 808 Craft Fuse. You can be as simple or complex as you wish with your pattern making and enjoy the satisfaction of creating something entirely new which is why we call it Ribbon Art.

And that is how it ends... for a small fun project!

Ribbon Art

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