Bucket Bag Ribbon Kits!

However you are feeling, making a ribbon wrapped bucket bag with one of our beautiful ribbon packs will satisfy the extrovert, sophisticated or simply stylish parts of you!

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We love what sew4home came up with using 7 of our lovely ribbons – it is simply stunning and set to become one of sew4home’s all-star favorite sewing project tutorial! It is our favorite now! We cannot stop making new colors!

The bag has a canvas or a heavy-weight twill base – lined with a quilting weight cotton of your choice. This gives a solid background on which these dynamic ribbons literally shine.

The first ribbon selection is in an exuberant, acidic and youthful set of colors which perfectly complements the earthy olive green base of the bucket bag.


For the second ribbon wrapped bucket bag we have chosen a denim base and a luminous selection of ribbons in blue with a bit of pop color designed by Amy Butler, Tula Pink, Anna Maria Horner and Odile Bailoeul.


The third bucket bag is richly subtle - we used a base of charcoal gray from which a brilliant palette of red, magenta and orange warmly glows.

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  • Katerine Salazar

    When are going to have the bucket bag ribbon kit back?

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