Hypnotic Black and White Webbing

Black and white vertical stripes, comes in 2 width : 1” and 1.5” - super sturdy, smooth, shiny, luxurious! Modern and clean look with a touch of hypnotic-optic if you look at it too long! 😊
We will offer some kits including Key fob hardware 1.5" wide to make this fun ones
         Webbing Key fobs  Webbing Key Fobs
I asked my folks what would they create with such a unique trim?
They shared wonderful ideas and pictures of their projects too!
Check the 2 bundles we offer:



While waiting for the new Tula Pink fabulous striped webbing !


Michelle Binder
By Annie purse + Renaissance Ribbons sewn by M Binder


  • A purse strap for a black and white polka a dot purse. Or a belt for a bright red dress
  • I have dress fabric that matches the colorful ribbon! I picture a simple black linen jacket with this ribbon trimming the cuffs and collar. Smashing!
  • I would line the underside of my purse straps. It's my new favorite thing to do!
  • Handles, straps, belts, pocket inserts, collars, key rings, closet hanging organizers.....
  • Oh yes, let’s have a contest


vinyl bag webbing project
I made some transparent vinyl zipper bag!


  • What wouldn't I use it for? This would be awesome as a dog collar /leash, tote handles, human belt, key fobs, backpack straps.
  • This ribbon is begging to embellish a quilted coat I'm designing!
  • Trim the arms of an Edwardian fainting couch I'm reupholstering.
  • I'd trim a tote bag and call it "It's a Mod, Mod World"
  • Use for handles for a new laptop bag using Tulsa’s Linework
  • I can see embroidered key fobs with brightly colored thread
  • I see awesome  trim for Smart Doll (60cm fashion dolls, if you’re not familiar) sundresses
  • I'd love this for a belt on an Alice costume!
  • Use to embellish the re-lining of my vintage train case. All Tula fabrics, of course.
  • I'd use for straps for Sew Powerful purses!


 Key fob
  • I would use it to create some really fun and unique ribbon flowers!
  • Straps and handles in another by Annie bag. I’m thinking, a place for everything’s even another ruler bag.
  • I'd make matching collar and leash for my new rescue Jade.
  • Truthfully I will probably hoard it and pet it. 🤪😂
  • Potholder loops to hang
  • Welcome home Stripes!!! Add some Linework ribbon and trim out a jean jacket…around the seams, pockets, cuffs and collar.
  • I'd use it on another "Vertigo" inspired bag (Karen Diane Yancey McKillop)
Karen Diance Yancey McKillop
  • I’d keep the rest to admire and pet after introducing her to some other Renaissance Ribbon friends!
  • I’ve been wanting to use the dot ribbon on a quilt. As a flange maybe. A belt or the strap on a flip flop. Head band. So many options.
  • For a fantastic bag project just for me!
Webbing HAndles
  • It would be awesome as strapping for by Annie bags! And maybe a belt for my daughter. 
  • Oh my gosh! These are FANTASTIC!! 💗💗💗 I’m making a tote bag right now with Linework that would be perfect!!!
  • I would use it for spiffy dog collars and leashes and coordinating purses and backpacks for their people.
  • I'd sew it to zipper tape that would be used as a bag closure, then I'd use it for the underside of the bag strap. So cute!!!!
  • Je ferais des anses pour des maxi tote bags qui servent tous les jours….French!!
  • 1” wide for a belt and 1 and 1.5” for some bags. I have so many ideas that I can’t be more specific!
  • An awesome leash for my poochie, oh and a hatband for my black felt cowboy hat. Would look great in the show pen
  • It would make a super strap for a bag with line works or even some Curiouser and Curiouser. I want to make The Ultimate Travel Bag by Annie.com. This trim would be an awesome accent piece!!!
  • Belt or suspenders for my 7 year old son, key fob or bag strap for me.
  • Definitely bag handles and dog collars but could see it reinforcing a bag bottom instead of purse feet.
  • I know, can hardly wait for the webbing! Idea: make, or use an RTW back pack and run the ribbon along the straps of the back pack, attach as appliqué, I’d probably have 1 strap with stripe, the other with the moons. Every place there is a zip, I’d add a color Ed (same color as the moons) tassel……can’t think of anything else right now, I need my coffee 



Black and White Webbing

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