Ribbons and Dog Collars & Leashes

February 17, 2021

Renaissance Ribbons how to make a dog collar with ribbonsRenaissance Ribbons how to make a dog collar with ribbonsRenaissance Ribbons how to make a dog collar with ribbons

Coming soon a line of webbing, hardware and kits to make your own Dog Collars embellished with woven ribbons!

Check out this full photo tutorial on Sew4Home:

"Webbing, ribbon, hardware, a couple of hours, and you can make your very own boutique style dog collar and leash. This is such a fun and easy project, you'll be offering to make them for all your canine friends.

Of course, it's not just for dogs! That's Dexter, one of our French Alpine goats, stylin' our collar, and I think he's saying, "I HEART Sew4Home."

Ahhhhh, thanks, Dex..."

See the full tutorial on Sew4Home





 Renaissance Ribbons how to make a dog collar with ribbonsRenaissance Ribbons how to make a dog collar with ribbonsRenaissance Ribbons how to make a dog collar with ribbons

Learn more precisely what is what! Pets - Glossary

Hardware item, either plastic or metal, depending on the required strength, shaped like the letter D. Used at the end of a strap to create a loop. Two Dee rings together can create a mechanism for varying the size of the strap. In cargo applications, may be attached to a surface as a convenient tie down point for straps.
Half Check Collars/Chains
A half check collar has a small length of chain connecting the strap of the collar. It will tighten when the dog pulls, but not enough to choke (as long as it is set up correctly). They are often stronger than regular flat collars, and, perhaps most useful, they prevent the dog from backing out of the collar.
A collar that straps to the body of the dog, part in front of the front legs, part behind. Beneficial because it increases safety, both by reducing risk of the dog escaping and taking the pressure off the neck and throat.
Used to keep loose ends of webbing in place after it's been threaded through a triglide, tension lock, or similar.
Key Fob
Something attached to a set of keys. These can be sentimental or utilitarian in design, and help prevent loss and personalize keys. Dog breed ribbon can be used to create a key fob that reminds you of your best friend.
Martingale Collar
Specialty collar designed for breeds whose head is smaller than their neck, making it easy to slip out. Martingale's are similar to the half check collar, but made of fabric or webbing. The design keeps the dog safe without the risk of choking or tangling in fur.
Nylon Couplers
A handy piece of equipment that allows a dog owner to connect two dog collars together, and walk them simultaneously without the risk of tangled leashes.
O shaped hardware used as a connector. Often used as a connection between a leash and collar or at the end of a lanyard to connect keys.
Side Release Buckle
A connector formed by a male/female pair. The male piece has a straight guide with hooks on either side that, when inserted into the connection, form a lock. When the two side hooks are pushed together the pieces are easily separated.
Snap Hook
Hooks with a sliding bar that close off the opening, making them more secure. Often found on the end of a strap, leash, or lanyard to connect to another piece.
A piece of hardware with three parallel bars connected at the ends, used to adjust the length of strap by folding it over on itself. Commonly found in over the shoulder straps.
Strong fabric woven into a flat strip or tube. It is called webbing because the woven mesh material resembles a web, so even a single strip is called thus. Webbing has been made from cotton and other natural fibers, but is most commonly made with synthetics such as nylon or polypropylene. Because of it's light weight, exceptional strength, and relatively low cost, it's uses are versatile and nearly endless.

One more tutorial on Sew4Home Make your own Dog Collar