Ribbon Uses

What is Jacquard?

Jacquard Ribbons were traditionally woven on wooden shuttle looms, nowadays woven with modern technology but still bringing the richness of a woven textile versus the printed ones. Our fancy and elaborate ribbons are like miniature tapestries, woven from the particular designs creating a unique embellishment full of saturated colors and textures. This is an exclusive, innovative concept developed by Renaissance Ribbons to collaborate with the well known international textile artists and offer these special jacquard ribbon collections.

Dog Collar Ribbons:

Our wholesale preppy, fun, whimsical or more classic ribbons are perfect for making dog collars with ribbon. Dog collar ribbons are one of our specialties. We offer the quality, durability and diversity needed by this market. Need some inspiration? Want to learn how to make dog collars to sell? Check out our Dog Collar Tutorials and have some fun making your own custom dog collars with trendy ribbons.