Ribbon Types

Grosgrain Ribbon: Tight weave of horizontal ribs traditionally used by milliners for hatbands
Jacquard Ribbon: Woven on a Jacquard (shuttle loom). Includes Brocade & Damask
Brocade Ribbon: Jacquard with raised pattern often including metallic threads.
Damask Ribbon: Patterned reversible weave done on a Jacquard loom.
Satin Ribbon: Satin is a special weave giving the ribbon a glossy surface
Taffeta Ribbon: A flat weave with a matte finish. Often has wired edge.
Picot Edge Ribbon: Continuous small decorative loops form an ornamental edging.
Ombre Ribbon: A weave starting with one color and usually blending from light to dark but can be many colors.
Variegated Ribbon: Woven with different colors blending together across the width.
Printed Ribbon: Ribbon printed on by stamping or inking (foil may be applied), or screen printing.
Twill Tap Ribbon: Diagonal or zig-zag weave.
Seam Binding Ribbon: Binding for garments often used in packaging.
Velvet Ribbon: Woven with a thick, plush pile or napped face.
Chenille Ribbon: Ribbon with velvety, tufted appearance. Looser weave than velvet.
Organdy Ribbon: Transparent often with iridescent finish. Can be wired
Iridescent Ribbon: Woven with two different colored threads in the warp and the weft to creating the iridescence.
Metallic Ribbon: Woven with lurex yarn or metallic threads now often of plastic not metal.
Moire Ribbon: "Water-marked" pattern
Soutache Ribbon: Narrow flat braid often used in upholstery. Ornamental and to conceal seams.
Plaid Ribbon: Classic Scottish pattern of woven colors in warp and weft.
Striped Ribbon: Stripes can be woven in or printed on the ribbon. Very popular for grosgrain and taffeta.
Gingham Ribbon: Woven of dyed yarns that create a block or check effect.
Rococo Ribbon: Trim made of narrow ribbons woven together to create small "flowers."
Ric Rac Ribbon: Trim woven in a zig-zag design
Wire-edge Ribbon: Woven with a fine wire inside of each selvedge, allowing the shape to be held.
Embroidered Ribbon: Hand or machine stitching is applied over the surface. Threads show on the reserve side.
Ruched Ribbon: Plain ribbon gathered in the center or an either side to create a puckered or pleated effect