Here's Your Velvet Slippers Pattern

Pattern for Velvet Border Slippers


These easy-to-make slippers work up quickly and can be customized for gift giving, lounging, post-shower, travel, and more.   Great use for focal fabrics, ribbon embellishment, embroidery designs, and beading—the sky’s the limit in terms of creativity.




  • Velvet Border Ribbon (for slipper top and slipper sole):  39” = 1 Pre packed 
  • Coordinating Fabric (for slipper top lining and binding):  1-6” strip x WOF
  • Soft and Stable (ByAnnie):  one 13”x18” sheet
  • Anti-skid Fabric (for underside of sole):  one 13”x18” sheet

Pattern by Kim Greenfeld