Patchwork Ribbon Pillow Cover Instructions

Patchwork Ribbon/Velvet Pillow Cover

Finished size:

12” by 16”

Velvet Border and Ribbon Pillow Case:


This project is quite simple, especially if you choose to make it without a zipper.


  1. Cut the ribbons into 13” pieces. Position the ribbons and 2 pieces of velvet border on a table until you are satisfied with the arrangement, either follow the arrangement on the insert or make your own design.
  2. Take the first ribbon (grosgrain) and place on pellon 1/4” in from edge and sew straight stitch with invisible thread. Next take 2nd ribbon and place  on top of the first ribbon (grosgrain) overlapping by at least ¼”. Zigzag stitch in place. Now, continue with 3rd ribbon placing edge to edge - all remaining ribbons will now be stitched in this way with zigzag stitch. Note when stitching the velvet border to a ribbon you will need to slip the white edge under the adjacent ribbon.  
  3. Once the panel is complete trim to 17” wide and also trim any ribbons to the interfacing width.
  4. We included a zipper but you are welcome to sew the pillow closed. For instruction on how to insert the zipper please go to

Modification:you will have approx 1.5” on both sides of zipper to sew to complete zipper side.

  1. Pin right sides of each panel together. If you are not using the zipper sew all around leaving an opening to insert the filling, turn right side out and hand sew once filled.       Coming soon photo tutorial!