How to use rotary cutters by Clover

Class 81
With Steve Butler
Rotary Cutters
What is it? Everything we do in sewing starts with cutting larger pieces of fabric into smaller pieces of fabric before we can reassemble them into larger pieces of fabric fitting our creative design. Fashion, quilting, home decor and a whole host of accessories for all of them. It all starts with the cut. And it makes sense then that the more precise that cut, the more precise our finished project will be and the happier we are with what we've accomplished. So what do we use to make these all important cuts? Scissors of course. We've been using them for eons. But they do have their limitations. They are naturally fatiguing to use, hard to keep sharp, require us to manipulate our fabric while cutting and can even distort our fabric in the process. So what can we use to fill in the gaps where scissors are perhaps not the best choice of cutting tools? Rotary cutters of course. They are non-fatiguing, easy to keep sharp and allow us to cut our fabric (even multiple layers) as it lies securely and, most importantly, smoothly on our cutting mats. The results? Happy hands and precise cuts for any project. The only problem they present is choosing which size rotary cutter to use when. Possible applications for our rotary cutters range from long strips for quilting and home decor to small angular curves for fashion and appliqué and everything in between. To make sure you have the right tool for the right job Clover has manufactured rotary cutters in 18mm. 28mm. 45mm and 60mm sizes, each designed to provide unmatched cutting performance for your fabric and uncompromising safety standards for you. Each is has a comfortable, ergonomically shaped handle to reduce wrist fatigue (standing or sitting), a safety shield to protect us and our fabric from unwanted cuts and an extremely sharp, durable and easily replaceable blade to make the desired cuts.

What does it do? - Okay, so we have these really cool rotary cutters in four sizes. They are extremely sharp (they'll easily cut through multiple layers of upholstery fabric) and we've made them comfortable and safe to hold and use. So now what? When do we use them? Here are some ideas:

18mm Rotary Cutter - This is the smallest size available. This is the one we want to use in fashion for cutting short radius curves and trimming short seams. It's a must for appliqué where we've got to get into really tight curves, either free hand or using a template.

28mm Rotary Cutter - This is the smaller of the mid-size rotary cutters. It's perfect for fashion or home decor cuts where we're making medium radius curves, short straight cuts or trimming longer seams. It is also very handy for cutting more "relaxed" appliqué patterns.

45mm Rotary Cutter - This is the larger of the mid-size rotary cutters. It has a nice balance of applications between the large and small rotary cutters. If you were to have only one size cutter this would be the one. It is ideally suited for long sweeping curves in fashion and works very well for cutting long strips for most quilting applications. Nothing turns out quilting strips and blocks as fast or precise. It is the true "Jack of All Trades" size.

60mm Rotary Cutter - This is the largest size rotary cutter. It is designed specifically for long sweeping or straight strips for fashion, home decor and quilting.   Calculating the circumference of this blade will tell you that it will last as much as three times longer than the 18mm blade cutting the same fabric. It's science so who knew. It just makes sense that we should always use the largest blade possible for any job at hand. The economy is undeniable. We also get the best long, smooth and precise cuts.

Pinking Blade - Pinking shears have been around a long time. Nothing better to keep fabric from unraveling before we sew it. Now we have the pinking blade for our rotary cutters. It provides the same services but adds the easy maneuverability of a rotary cutter. It's available in the 45mm size and adapts easily to that handle.
How do I share it?-This is a tool that is used in almost every sewing project we do and also has many craft applications. Make them available in your classes and have a few sets available for testing at a demo table in your shop. Make sure you have all sizes available so your friends can experience the difference in the cutting radius between the small and large diameter blades. Your friends will see how comfortable and smooth they are and will want one or all four.
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Stunning Ribbon -- Red and White for many occasions

The "Red Brocade Ribbon by French General - 7/8" -by the yard" exceeded my expectation. I bought it to add to embroidered Christmas stocking, but I find I can use it to decorate much, much more ... plaques, clothes, wall hanging, pillows, ornaments ... so many different kinds of gifts. Thank you Renaissance Ribbons for the extraordinary ribbon for decorating gifts -- to my heart's content!

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Loved the kit contents and fabrics. Glad there was a You Tube video from the pattern designer.

Neon webbing

I was so excited when the neon webbing was introduced! I haven’t used it yet but it looks great with SO many Tula fabrics. It will open up a new creative streak for me

Gorgeous webbing.

Have not used yet as I have not made a bag yet that needs webbing. These are so beautiful that I will not forget about them. I usually forget about webbing and make my own straps.

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The beauty and quality of the ribbon is just breathtaking. I made a nice bag with it, I intended to give it as a gift for Christmas, but finding it difficult to part with. The service is amazing that Renaissance Ribbons provides.

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This peacock feather ribbon is as described,I’m happy with it and have already used it .

DP-01 each pack unique Designer Ribbons off-cuts-
Penelope M.
Irresistible ribbon

The products I purchased are so beautiful I am still trying to find the project worthy of such beautiful ribbon. I was impressed with the fast service and the quality of the products. There are so many irresistible ribbons, looking forward to placing another order.

Velvet border slippers.

The materials were excellent but there was no pattern included in the kit. A download was referred to. I haven’t downloaded the pattern as of yet.

Pattern instructions???????

I purchased the Chipper on the Green Renaissance Ribbons Bag kit. It contained an addendum but no pattern instruction. I contacted Renaissance who informed me to review Annie’s Tutorial. Well there isn’t one for this particular kit. A representative at Annie’s stated I needed to contact the seller. Not happy at all. I will try to construct without the pattern. My friend ordered a comical pouch and it also did not have pattern.

Where is the instructions?

I received my kit a while ago but the beautiful kit had the addendum only. I inquired by was told to search Annie’s tutorials. This Chipper on Green is not in her Digital Library. They referred me back to the seller. I do want to see this kit.

Tula pink kit Chipper on Green

The colors are beautiful together can hope to make the bag soon. It is one on the Tula kits that is more subdued, which is more my style. So glad I picked the Chipper on Green, and it was on sale!!!

VIP Club
Christine B.

Well to be quite honest I am very disappointed ☹️ I am from Australia and signed up because I just love your ribbons … however the cost If me getting g them here far outweighs any discount I get feel I have wasted over $130 Aus and when I explained this was told no refund would be given 😔… sorry for rant
but I am very disappointed

Great kit… Great quality… but…

This was a wonderful kit to work with. Although one component to the collars were missing in my original kit, those were promptly sent by the company. No questions asked, no attitude… only apologies. The vibrant colors and designs make you want to keep creating.

I do wish a kit would be created for smaller dogs. Most people in my community have smaller dogs as I do.

My only non positive comment would be that the kit promotes the creation of 12 collars when only 6 can be made with the kit. Although the kit comes with 12 sets of hardware, only 6 collars can be made with the ribbon and webbing provided. That was a disappointment. The customer who made this observation in an earlier review is 100% correct.

I would order again when it goes on sale and order additional ribbon and webbing to make a total of 12 collars.

Love everything about this company! It’s a keeper!

Gnomes on Green Mary Engelbreit-1 1/2" by the yd
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Cute and vibrant

I love this ribbon- I am using it for a table runner; it adds color and class to my table...the ribbon is thick and well made.


The Renaissance Ribbons are beautiful as always!! I’ve added these to my growing stash of Renaissance Ribbons awaiting for the perfect project. One thing (brainstorm) I might add is if you would re-evaluate size and boldness or crispness of the shipping address label. It still bugs me that wherever a recent order landed that it still has not surfaced. Labeling is the only thing that I can think of that could perhaps be better. Maybe it would help some people be honest and do the right thing.

I made key fobs out of the ribbons I purchased from you. I received many compliments on the ribbons. Your ribbons are beautiful

2 Packs Tiny Dots and Stripes Tula Pink
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2 Packs Tiny Dots and Stripes Tula Pink

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Sandhill kit in Parisville (Deja Vu)

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Quality Webbing

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2yd TK 1" EverGlow Webbing 5 colors

Ribbons sewing bags

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Grey on Mint Wanderer ribbon - 3/8" -by the yard
MaryAlice D.
Trim to be used on my first Kuspik/ traditional Alaska parka !

I am taking a two day workshop in mid November from Susan Gray, who is a frequent customer of your store!
Looking through her stash we auditioned this ribbon on my fabric and both exclaimed that it was absolutely.
I hope to order some of your slipper kits in the near future!
Thank you for your prompt service!
And incredible selection of decorative ribbons!!
Mary Alice Donaldson

Fabulous color

This webbing is amazing, the color is so spot on and top quality! Tula and renaissance never disappoint!

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