How to make a Dog Collar- Step by Step Instructions

Dog Collar Instructions Plus Tips

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  1. You have received all the supplies needed to make dog collars. In addition to these supplies, you might want to get ½ inch Pellon Lite EZ Steam II. (This is like Wonder Tape but wider and is sold at JoAnn Fabrics)
  2. Cut webbing at 30”
  3. Melt the cut ends of the webbing to prevent fraying. To do this, simply pass the end of the webbing through the flame of a lighter or candle several times. It doesn’t take much heat.
  4. Cut ribbon at 32”
  5. Thread your machine using invisible thread on top and bottom. If your machine can’t handle the invisible in the bobbin, just use a thread color that matches.
  6. Adhere a strip of fusible seam tape (EZ Steam II) to the center of the webbing. Lay the ribbon on top, right side up, centered. (There will be ribbon extensions on each side)
  7. Wrap the ribbon extensions to the back and adhere with a small piece of EZ Steam II. (If it lifts, no worries, it will be sewn down later)
  8. Stitch ribbon to the webbing, using an edge stitch, making sure you catch the edge of the ribbon. I used an even feed walking foot for this step.
  9. With a tape measure laying flat on the table.
  10. Thread the collar through all the hardware. First slip on the D-ring and the slide, then thread EACH collar end through one half of the buckle. Female piece (the one with prongs) on the right side and the male side (no prongs) on the left.
  11. Fold the ends until the length equals your finished length. (20”for the sample) NOTE: the buckle counts so add one buckle width when calculating the 20”.
  12. The fold back that will have the adjuster should be 8” on left side; 3” on right.
  13. Feed the 8” end back through the back side of the slider. Fold back a small amount and sew the slider buckle in place. Make sure you sew to the slider side not the side that is sliding through. Stitch through all thicknesses twice ¼” apart.
  14. On the right side, making sure the D-ring is next to the right buckle, Sew the end (3” side) in place, using two rows of stitching through all thicknesses.
  15. Move the D-ring so it is snug against the stitching you just did, and sew as close to the D-ring as possible, doing the same 2 row stitching.
  16. OOH La La you are finished!! Congratulations!!
  17. The tutorial has instructions for an optional leash and/or a larger dog collar with 1 ½” ribbon.

How to make a Dog CollarHow to make a Dog Collar


How to make a Dog Collar

How to make a dog Collar