CL-11 Sue Spargo Club Projects

Ribbon Lovers’ Club

CL-11 Sue Spargo- All the Best

Ribbon Lovers’ Club  CL-11 Sue Spargo- All the Best Ribbon club Sewng projectsRibbon Lovers’ Club  CL-11 Sue Spargo- All the Best Ribbon club Sewng projects


7 yd woven ribbons- best sellers design by Sue Spargo- 100% polyester-

1yd 1 ½”, 3yd ⅞”, 1yd ⅝”, 2yd ⅜”

100% Polyester threads,  hand washable, does not bleed, very mild heat ironing.

 1.Ribbon Chevron Pouch

This project is a Renaissance Ribbons project and we have a FREE PDF tutoria

Sewing ribbons together with a zig zag stitch and an invisible thread create a really fun fabric and texture , log cabin style patchwork. The ribbons are stitched to the shiny side of a layer of fusible interfacing. When all the ribbons are stitched, you can  press, it activates the fusing and creates a tight, smooth bond.

Sue Spargo1. Ribbon Chevron Pouch This project is a Renaissance Ribbons project and we have a FREE PDF tutorial for it. Sue Spargo Ribbbon Club Project

1.Crazy Patchwork cushion cover

Lovely project that mixes some machine sewing, hand embroidery and crazy patchwork ideas

For supplies, apart from the ribbons, you need:


  1. wool in a variety of shades of blues and one piece coral for the fabric background and to make the little circles- all my supplies from Sue Spargo Wool
  2. some embroidery threads- Sue Spargo embellishment threads
  3. fabric of your choice for the back (a fat quarter is enough)
  4. 1 14” zipper if you want to add the zipper, see here on how to easily machine stitch a zipper on a pillow insert ( I found that tutorial really useful! give it a try if you are still a bit afraid of zippers on pillow covers!- otherwise you can also make an envelope pillow cover- for that see a video tutorial here
  5. Pillow form 12’ by 16”,, we got ours from Amazon


Making the pillow.

feel free to inspire yourself from our pillow (it was originally made by Sue Spargo, with different ribbons and I reconstructed it for this exact selection of ribbons.

Take a piece of paper and draw the different pieces to prepare, be creative and make it your own

A tip:

Plan ahead and stitch the ribbons on the wool  before assembling the pieces

Sue Spargo Ribbon Club Patchwork sewing project

3.Denim Canvas Tote bag with cotton Red cotton Webbing straps, exterior pocket 

and front panel embellished with rows of ribbons as you wish

sue spargo sewing project

4. Little tissue holder- quick stitching and fun little gift

Tissue holder quick and easy sewing project     Tissue holder quick and easy sewing project

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Based on 4438 reviews
Made It

Loved the kit contents and fabrics. Glad there was a You Tube video from the pattern designer.

Neon webbing

I was so excited when the neon webbing was introduced! I haven’t used it yet but it looks great with SO many Tula fabrics. It will open up a new creative streak for me

Gorgeous webbing.

Have not used yet as I have not made a bag yet that needs webbing. These are so beautiful that I will not forget about them. I usually forget about webbing and make my own straps.

Love those ribbon packs

The beauty and quality of the ribbon is just breathtaking. I made a nice bag with it, I intended to give it as a gift for Christmas, but finding it difficult to part with. The service is amazing that Renaissance Ribbons provides.

Like it

This peacock feather ribbon is as described,I’m happy with it and have already used it .

DP-01 each pack unique Designer Ribbons off-cuts-
Penelope M.
Irresistible ribbon

The products I purchased are so beautiful I am still trying to find the project worthy of such beautiful ribbon. I was impressed with the fast service and the quality of the products. There are so many irresistible ribbons, looking forward to placing another order.

Velvet border slippers.

The materials were excellent but there was no pattern included in the kit. A download was referred to. I haven’t downloaded the pattern as of yet.

Pattern instructions???????

I purchased the Chipper on the Green Renaissance Ribbons Bag kit. It contained an addendum but no pattern instruction. I contacted Renaissance who informed me to review Annie’s Tutorial. Well there isn’t one for this particular kit. A representative at Annie’s stated I needed to contact the seller. Not happy at all. I will try to construct without the pattern. My friend ordered a comical pouch and it also did not have pattern.

Where is the instructions?

I received my kit a while ago but the beautiful kit had the addendum only. I inquired by was told to search Annie’s tutorials. This Chipper on Green is not in her Digital Library. They referred me back to the seller. I do want to see this kit.

Tula pink kit Chipper on Green

The colors are beautiful together can hope to make the bag soon. It is one on the Tula kits that is more subdued, which is more my style. So glad I picked the Chipper on Green, and it was on sale!!!

VIP Club
Christine B.

Well to be quite honest I am very disappointed ☹️ I am from Australia and signed up because I just love your ribbons … however the cost If me getting g them here far outweighs any discount I get feel I have wasted over $130 Aus and when I explained this was told no refund would be given 😔… sorry for rant
but I am very disappointed

Great kit… Great quality… but…

This was a wonderful kit to work with. Although one component to the collars were missing in my original kit, those were promptly sent by the company. No questions asked, no attitude… only apologies. The vibrant colors and designs make you want to keep creating.

I do wish a kit would be created for smaller dogs. Most people in my community have smaller dogs as I do.

My only non positive comment would be that the kit promotes the creation of 12 collars when only 6 can be made with the kit. Although the kit comes with 12 sets of hardware, only 6 collars can be made with the ribbon and webbing provided. That was a disappointment. The customer who made this observation in an earlier review is 100% correct.

I would order again when it goes on sale and order additional ribbon and webbing to make a total of 12 collars.

Love everything about this company! It’s a keeper!

Gnomes on Green Mary Engelbreit-1 1/2" by the yd
Patricia M.
Cute and vibrant

I love this ribbon- I am using it for a table runner; it adds color and class to my table...the ribbon is thick and well made.


The Renaissance Ribbons are beautiful as always!! I’ve added these to my growing stash of Renaissance Ribbons awaiting for the perfect project. One thing (brainstorm) I might add is if you would re-evaluate size and boldness or crispness of the shipping address label. It still bugs me that wherever a recent order landed that it still has not surfaced. Labeling is the only thing that I can think of that could perhaps be better. Maybe it would help some people be honest and do the right thing.

I made key fobs out of the ribbons I purchased from you. I received many compliments on the ribbons. Your ribbons are beautiful

2 Packs Tiny Dots and Stripes Tula Pink
Peggy J.
2 Packs Tiny Dots and Stripes Tula Pink

Love the little reversable ribbons! So adorable!

Kit-Sandhill CC Parisville - Tula Pink
Sandy L.
Sandhill kit in Parisville (Deja Vu)

This is a gorgeous kit!! Everything was included as shown and the ribbons are even prettier in person. I can't wait to get started on this gorgeous little carry-all!!!!!

Quality Webbing

Renaissance always provides quality products and the website is easy to navigate. These new Tula webbings are no exception. I look forward to continued Tula collabs with Renaissance.

2yd TK 1" EverGlow Webbing 5 colors

Ribbons sewing bags

Love these bags and the ribbons are so beautiful.. easy and every fun to do.. ok I’m very addicted.. thank you for a wonderful beautiful products..

Grey on Mint Wanderer ribbon - 3/8" -by the yard
MaryAlice D.
Trim to be used on my first Kuspik/ traditional Alaska parka !

I am taking a two day workshop in mid November from Susan Gray, who is a frequent customer of your store!
Looking through her stash we auditioned this ribbon on my fabric and both exclaimed that it was absolutely.
I hope to order some of your slipper kits in the near future!
Thank you for your prompt service!
And incredible selection of decorative ribbons!!
Mary Alice Donaldson

Fabulous color

This webbing is amazing, the color is so spot on and top quality! Tula and renaissance never disappoint!

Neon Near my Heart

Tula and Renaissance have knocked it out of the ball park again with the Neon Webbing.



Can’t wait to use on a bah

5" Wide Fairy Tales Birds on Black
Fairy tale birds on black ribbon

More beautiful than the picture! Rich, bright colors and soft texture.