New Sewing Kit: Tula Pink Vintage coin purse!

 Fun, quick and easy project, kits available and FREE photo tutorial!

This is the way to learn how to create a gorgeous woven fabric by stitching ribbons together. we recommend a monofilament invisible sewing thread and a zig-zag stitch to connect the ribbon pieces.

Project design credit goes to Tendance-Ruban in France, for re-inventing this lovely design from an old leather coin purse! 

Tula Pink Vintage coin purse

NNEW kit featuring Tula Pink Ribbons and Fabric-

Vintage coin Pouch Ribbon Kit- Tula Pink All Stars

It's easy to make, and there is a free tutorial by Sew4Home online ( see link below). It can be used as a small sewing kit, a sweet coin purse, carry your earphones and a hundred other valuable little things. Makes a great gift too.


4 sewing kits available, each contains the ribbons, mid-weight fusible interfacing and some designer cotton  fabric for the lining
vintage coin purse

See them all here  Buy now, collect them all!

You can also use ribbons from your stash or buy any of our Ribbon Assortment Packs and create your own unique personal design, here are a few examples for starters .
Vintage coin purse
FREE photo tutorial on Sew4Home website:
 We reverse-engineered the original sample to provide you with easy, step-by-step instructions and a downloadable pattern. For this multi-layer project with its origami fold, it's important everything stays flat. Our solution: the ribbons are stitched to the plain side of a layer of fusible interfacing. When the front and back are assembled and pressed, it activates the fusing and creates a tight, smooth bond. Stability is increased and layers are decreased.
Great for holding sewing kits, cash small change, earphones and a hundred other little valuable things. Makes a great gift too!
TIP for success: be sure to cut exactly according to the pattern that can be downloaded!
We used TWO beautiful jacquard ribbons for each coin purse.  As mentioned, the mixing and matching potential is huge from within Renaissance Ribbons amazing selection. The final amount required will depend on the width of the ribbon you select and if you stay with just two ribbons or increase the mix. We recommend starting with a full yard to ensure the best look.
We recommend the KAM Snaps  they are nice and easy to use, if you using Amazon, here is the link :







Click here to purchase the Ribbon and Fabric Kits  to make this project!


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