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Most ByAnnie patterns are designed for you to make fabric tubes into which you pull strapping for strength and stability.

The strapping is usually cut shorter than the fabric to avoid bulk in seams.

If you'd like to use webbing instead of fabric-covered strapping for your handles in ByAnnie patterns, here are some tips:

1. Do NOT cut the fabrics for the pieces that you'll replace with webbing. In most cases, this will include handles, carrying strap, and carrying strap tabs.

2. In most cases, you will need to cut the webbing longer than what the pattern calls for so that you can extend the pieces into the seams. So, cut the webbing to the length that the pattern directs for cutting the FABRIC handles and straps.

3. Keep in mind that the webbing tends to fray easily along the ends, so be sure to burn the ends or cover them with something to prevent fraying. Ends may be covered with fabric by folding the fabric so that there are no raw edges showing. Then use the fabric to enclose the ends of the webbing. Alternatively, you can cut a small piece of clear vinyl and fold it over the ends. Stitch about 1/8" to 1/4" from the edge of the webbing and then trim the vinyl even with the stitching and webbing.--

Happy stitching, Annie Unrein


Tula Pink Project of the Month March 2023 Take a Stand ByAnnie Pattern

Tips and Techniques to use Tula Pink Webbing as straps Tips and Techniques to use Tula Pink Webbing as straps

Tips and Techniques to use Tula Pink Webbing as straps



Tula Pink Project of the Month January 2023 Travel Essential  ByAnnie 

Tula Pink Sewing kit Tips and Techniques

Tula Pink Sewing kit Tips and Techniques Tula Pink Sewing kit Tips and Techniques


Using Tula Pink webbing for straps

Tula Pink Project of the Month January 2023 Hillside Tote by Noodlehead features making the adjustable strap with 1" striped webbing 


Fabulous video byAnnie on How to use the webbing to make your straps and handles

access video link

start at 20:00 and later at 32.00

   In Control By Annie Tula Pink Webbing

Example on the Zip it up Pattern 

We opted to make the handle using Tula Pink webbing  which makes super fast work of a normally tedious process.

We used the 1" webbing

Webbing handles

Webbing handles  Zip it up by Annie

Example on the Catch All Caddy Pattern 

ByAnnie “Catch All Caddy” Webbing Kit Addendum
By Kim Greenfeld


We opted to make our handles using Tula Pink webbing which makes super fast work of a normally tedious process.

   When working with nylon webbing, I like to slightly singe each cut end with a lighter to eliminate fraying;  you can also use a product like Fray Check.

Webbing Cutting Instructions:

• For the handle tabs, cut four 12” strips
• For the handles, cut two 19” strips


To Make Handle Tabs:

Insert 1 ½” of webbing into rectangle ring, fold over the webbing and sew to secure.  I like to make a ¾” box with an X inside.  I stitch this twice for extra security.  Make 4. 

The other end of the webbing piece gets inserted in the bottom seam - see illustration below


To Make Handles:

Mark a line 4 ½” from each side.  Fold the webbing in half lengthwise and stitch between these marked lines.  I stitched at 1/8” intervals to secure—your thread will show, so pay attention to both your top and bottom thread.


To Complete Handle Units:

Follow the instructions in Section IIC of the pattern.


Webbing handles

How to make handles using Tula Pink webbing  


Parisville Tula Pink Catch All Caddy


Sandhill Sling by Noodelhead


Be inspired by what our customers are saying too: 


A game Changer in Bag Making! Tula Pink

Nicole L.

Very vibrant colors! Smooth texture. Great for my bags!

Carrie T

I love it!! It is perfect for bag making!! No longer do you have to make the straps for your bags. Great time saver.


I love the pop of color they  add to my bags.

Linnea J.

Great Quality

Beautiful finish, feels very strong and durable.

Christina G.

Head-over-heels in love with the colors of the new Tula Pink Webbing. I am thrilled with its quality too. Thank you Renaissance Ribbons for providing such great products.


Tula Pink Webbing

Best designed webbing. Using on different ByAnnie patterns, love it.

Carrie T.

New webbing!

It is amazing! Never making straps for bags again!!

Sherry S.


Love the colors and Quality

I can’t say enough good. I made a dog collar, straps and handles on bags and planning to make a short leash. Colors are so vibrant and beautiful. Quality is superb.

Sheena D.


This webbing is amazing just like Tula!

Pamela R.

Love the New  Webbing

I love customizing the bags I make and the new webbing does exactly that and more. The colors are vibrant and pair perfectly with many fabric collections. Tula Pink is my favorite designer and I thank her and Renaissance Ribbons for providing such great webbing.


Tula Pink webbing

The colors are great and the webbing goes with all Tula fabric. The order process was painless and delivered timely. I purchased this for my grown daughter who buys every Tula Pink fabric she can and is a huge fan. I know she will make good use of it in her projects.

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  • jeanne

    I purchased the tula everglow in control kit. The coordinating fabric is giving me trouble. I am using a 90/14 superior topstitch needle and have my machine set to woven heavy. My needle does not seem to want to go thru the fabric and is sticking. I have made many in control bags but I have never had this issue. The fabric seems to be heavier than usual and has a sheen to it. Any ideas would be appreciated. I am considering using another fabric to finish up my bag binding or trying a sharper needle but not sure it will go thru all the layers. Let me know if others have had this issue. tx Jeanne

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