Tula Pink's Roar Collection

Back in October when Tula Pink released her newest collection, Roar, we immediately knew it would make amazing ribbon! We reached out to Tula and got the process started, wasting no time! 

We started with the Dinosaur Eggs in print in two sizes but ultimately nixed the larger; we needed a smaller print to help anchor the collection. As these designs are created with only two colors, they're completely reversible!

Our second print in this collection was Stargazer. We initially only created the 7/8" version with but then tossed around the idea of metallic thread for this print and Tula fell in love! We tried the metallic thread with a larger scale of this design and we were SOLD. 

Finally, we played around with scale on the Meteor Shower print, too. Initially, we thought about this one as 1-1/2" size but after sampling, deemed it too simple to be that large, and we didn't originally plan on metallic thread for this one, either. However, we knew it had to be sparkly! I mean, how else could we make this print pop?!
We hope you love the Roar collection as much as we do! We can't wait to see your projects and if you post them on social media, please tag us! We'd love to repost them for you!


  • Katherine

    Gorgeous! Love anything Tula puts her hands on!!

  • Theresa

    Hi. When will Roar pre-order ribbons ship?

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