Tula Pink Tiny Beasts Ribbons


Tula Pink Tiny Beasts ribbons and Fabrics


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Adding a burst of technicolor life to her already vibrant catalog, Tula Pink presents Tiny Beasts, a playful reimagining of animals you might find in your backyard and beyond. Using a rich rainbow of bright exhibits featuring ladybugs, foxes, deer, raccoons, squirrels and bears, Tula has filled this collection with lots of activity and movement that will make your next quilt a hoot and a half. Pair these prints with Tula’s True Colors for Free Spirit to create some dazzling projects!



Tula Pink Tiny Beasts ribbons


Tula Pink has done it again! She has released not one, but two fabric collections, that were designed to be used together in beautiful harmony! "Tiny Beasts" is a collection inspired by backyard animals such as raccoons, squirrels, hedgehogs, and deer. You may also find adorable tiny treasures in the prints such as soda cans, fish bones, banana peels, wishbones and half eaten apples. The colors are vibrant as ever in true Tula style, from green and blue to purple, yellow, orange and pink. 

The "True Colors" Collection is designed to pair perfectly with Tiny Beasts, by offering a collection of tiny stripes and tiny dots in  perfect shades of saturated color. Create something truly spectacular with Tula Pink!  


Tula Pink Tiny Beasts ribbons

What a great production to coordinate the Tiny Beast fabrics and  ribbons together with all the Tiny Dots and Stripes part of the permanent True Colors Tula Pink Collection.


We offer the best bundles to satisfy your creativity!

Tula Pink Tiny Beasts ribbons and Fabrics True colors



Tula Pink Tiny Beasts ribbons and Fabrics


Tula Pink Tiny Beasts ribbons and Fabrics








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