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Addendum to the Pattern

 Renaissance Ribbons Bag

Explore the many wonderful sewing projects you can make with this one Sewing Pattern published ByAnnie and designed by Renaissance Ribbons

You can use the unique and exquisitely soft French Velvet Borders or you can create a panel of quilted fabrics from one of your preferred Fabric designers !

Pattern available here!

 Add a little luxury to your daily routine! Use a variety of ribbons and borders to make these simple, quick bags into exquisite masterpieces. 

You’ll love the extra-easy zipper installation and beautifully-finished interior — no unfinished seams and no bindings!
The small bag measures 5¾"H x 5½" to 7"W x 2"D and the large bag measures 5"H x 7½" to 10½"W x 3"D. The exterior of the bags are made using ribbons and velvet border. 
Renaissance Ribbons' exquisite woven jacquard ribbons and their beautiful velvet borders are packaged in 1 meter (approximately 39") pieces. With careful cutting, a 1-meter piece of each 1½", ⅜", and 5" ribbon/border will make one small and one large bag.
Each bag uses just one side of a piece of zipper tape, so one 30" double-slide zipper will make both bags!
Add-on Video™ notice: There is an Add-on Video™️ available for this pattern. In this  paper pattern, you will get a coupon for the value of the Add-on Video™️ included in the package 

Can also be used with Cotton Fabric with the option to quilt the cotton on the Stabilizer to add a beautiful texture to your fabric- see our complete sewing kits: KOB-64 

Examples of what you can make with this pattern with the Velvet Borders

 Renaissance Ribbons Bag

Renaissance Ribbons Bag
with the fabrics:
Renaissance Ribbons Bag


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