Modified Easy Does It patternByAnnie into a Perfect Purse

By making slight modifications to the popular "Easy Does It" pattern from, Kim Greenfeld- aka the Lazy Sewist was able to transform it into what we call the "Perfect Purse".

This FREE pattern byAnnie is well-loved by many because it serves as a great skill-building project, with clear and detailed documentation and a step-by-step video tutorial provided by Annie

What sets our kit apart is that we have included all the necessary materials to turn it into a versatile shoulder bag and a perfect purse.

We picked up some Tula Pink fabrics from the  Linework Collection, added webbing and hardware to create interchangeable and adjustable straps  and made into a kit with everything included!

Get your Kit now! Kit-Easy Does It- Linework Tula Pink

Easy Does it Free PAttern as a perfect Pursr


The kit features three fat-quarters of Tula Pink's popular but discontinued Linework collection, with charming designs including Zebra, Hexie, and Pandamonium.

The hardware byAnnie included in the kit consists of two triangle rings (1" Nickel), one wide nickel slider (1"), one wide nickel slider (1.5"), two swivel hooks (1" Nickel), and two swivel hooks (1.5" Nickel).

Kit-Easy Does It- Linework Tula Pink

This has been my favorite hand bag! 

In addition, the kit comes with soft and stable material, a Pewter Zip30 zipper, and nylon webbing in two different colors - Aqua/Pink (1 ½ yards) and Black/White stripes (1 ½ yards) - to make two complete straps that are detachable and adjustable. You can change up the look of your purse with the interchangeable second strap that is included as a bonus!

Kit-Easy Does It- Linework Tula Pink Kit-Easy Does It- Linework Tula Pink

The printed instruction sheet for the "Easy Does It" pattern  along with access to an add-on video is provided in the kit 

The addendum for the modifications made is available as a FREE  PDF below, 

 PDF for modification Easy Does It

This kit includes everything you need to create a stylish and functional purse - the "Perfect Purse" - using the "Easy Does It" pattern by, with a few modifications to make it even better

The Tula Pink Linework fabric is now discontinued, so our kits supplies is limited- sign up now to get yours as soon and we release them! Click below:

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Addendum to the Easy Does It Pattern (


With this kit, you will have everything you need to create a stylish and functional bag that is perfect for any occasion!

Addendum to the Easy Does It Pattern (corrected 4/20/23)


The Perfect Purse -KBA-285 Easy Does It-Linework

ByAnnie Easy Does It pattern with slight modifications


Following the free ‘Easy Does It’ pattern from, The Perfect Bag will have minor adjustments to eliminate the side handles and add a detachable, adjustable strap made from nylon webbing.


Here are the pattern modifications:


If you are using directional fabric for the Side Strip, make sure to cut it in half lengthwise, and sew it back together so that the fabric will flow up the sides of the bag, before quilting.


  1. Modifications to Cutting from the 18”x21” quilted fabric, cut :

 Side Strip—2” x 18”

Zipper Strips—two 2” x 13”

(the Bag Front and Bag Back cutting dimensions remain the same)

               Cutting the zipper strip to 2” makes the bag more “purse-like”


  1. Eliminate Step II. B.  Prepare Handles and replace with:


Prepare Tabs for Strap

Cut two 4”x3” from the lining fabric to make d-ring tabs.

With right sides out, fold each tab in half to 2”x3”; press to mark center fold.  Open and bring long raw edges to pressed center line; press again.  Fold in half again to create a 1”x3” tab.  Topstitch around all sides, sewing 1/8” from edge. Insert tab through one 1” wide d-ring, bring raw ends together and baste.  Set aside until ready to sew zipper strip.


  1. Modification to Step II. D. 


Prepare Zipper/Side Strip and attach d-ring Tabs

Center d-ring Tab on zipper, raw edge to raw zipper edge.  Hold in place with clip.  Proceed to Step D.1.


Additional Notes:


  •   Strap made using 54” Tula Pink Striped Webbing 1 ½” by Renaissance Ribbons
  •   *Other strap using 54” Black/White Striped Webbing 1”
  •   Optional open mesh or fabric inner pocket.
  •   Quilting ¼” straight lines on the Side Strip seem to give the bottom of the back more heft


*Change up the look of your Perfect Purse with the interchangeable second strap we’ve included as a bonus

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  • Beth

    Is the side strip really supposed to be 2” x 18”? I’m not seeing in my mind how the zipper plus ~2 inches on both sides will match the 2” side strip. Any advice would be appreciated.

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