Mary Engelbreit Blue Bird Box

Mary blue bird box

 Did you get yours? Here is where to GET THE BOX

What's in the box ?

  • Complete Sewing kit to make the Renaissance Ribbons Bag Set
      1. Pattern by Annie with Addendum (important to read first)
      2. 30” Double Slider Zipper byAnnie Parrot Blue
      3. 2  ¼ yd Fabrics by Kaffe Fassett: Paper Fan (exterior) and Guinea Flower (lining)
      4. 3 Ribbons: 1 ½ yd Hippie Flower, 1 yd Growing Heart and 1 yd Blue Bird
      5. 1 Pack Soft and Stable 18” by 27”

               Tip: with the supplies you can make 2 bag, a large and a small 

    Or 2 medium or just 1 large and left over fabrics can be used  on another project (see below)

    The Renaissance Ribbon Bag pattern written ByAnnie offers a great new and easy way to make a zipper bag. In your pattern there is an access code for a free full project tutorial. Don’t miss it! 

    Important: The pattern is originally written for a velvet border, we modified it to use Designer quilting cotton fabrics, it requires a little adjustment . Please be sure to click and read the Addendum to explain how to cut your fabric and Soft and Stable.



  • Blue Bird Designer Ribbon Pack
      1. Contains 7 yd of woven jacquard ribbons from the Blue Bird Collection designed by Mary Engelbreit


    This gives you lots of opportunities to enjoy making beautiful things for your self, as gift as well. The best description of our Mary Engelbreit ribbons is that it is Happiness on a roll!

    If you are a maker, we have a few projects to inspire you too! It is a great fun to stitch ribbons together and create a fabric that way. See below 2 examples of FREE Pattern we share with you and you can make from you new stash of Ribbons

    1. Chevron ribbon Pouch- click for the pattern here ✂️ 

    Charming versatile little pouch to carry your essentials, phone and keys and more, it makes a wonderful gift too

    We create a fabric by stitching ribbons next to each other- with a zigzag stitch. We stitch them on top a piece of Stabilizer Pellon fusible 808 . You can be very creative and also stitch them straight or in diagonal if you prefer.







    2. Origami Coin Purse, we designed it and were lucky to have our Friends at Sew4Home create a full photo tutorial with the pattern to download


  • Key Fob Making Supplies
      1. 4 sets of keyfob hardware 1¼” 
      2. 2 yd of Heavyweight Cotton Webbing Red and Black 11/4"wide
      3. Flyer with instructions                                                                              

    For a small key fob, you can cut at 6 or 7 inches. For longer ones 9 to 10 inches
    To sew the ribbon straight on the webbing, you can use a narrow strip of wonder tape ( double fusible tape) applied on the center of the back of the ribbon, peel  it and and position in place. That helps setting the ribbon in the middle!



    2 large Heart woven patches with iron on backing
    Application Instructions!

    Step 1: Set your iron at the hottest temperature setting. Don't use steam! Step 2: Place your patch in the desired position and place a pressing cloth if you're concerned about burning it over top. Step 3: Press the iron straight down for 35-45 seconds with as much constant pressure as possible. Try not to move it back and forth, you just want to apply heat. Step 4: Turn the project inside-out and repeat steps 2 & 3. Step 5: Allow the patch to cool down.

    Step 6 Share your finished project with us on Social Media IG and FB

    Wonderful evocation of the Happy World that Mary invite us to live in.

      Clear sticker of the woven Blue Bird: remove the paper backing 

      1 Printed Bookmark of the Hippie Flower Ribbon Design






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