In Control EverGlow Kit Addendum

 In control kit by Annie Tula Pink EverGlow webbing

 Fabulous edition of the In Control Pattern ByAnnie for this Months Special Tula Pink Kit Club!

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Additional information to help you sew your kit successfully! 

To highlight Tula Pink’s All Ears fabric from her EverGlow  Collection, we fussy cut the elephants for front and back exterior pockets cutting them slightly larger than the pattern dimensions to accommodate for any shrinkage which may occur during quilting. We then quilt these pieces using either a light thread or an invisible thread, free-motion meandering around the outline of the elephants which makes the images pop. There is plenty of remaining fabric to quilt the other pieces of the caddy, and to complete the inner accordion-style dividers. 

We made the stabilizer sleeve with the tent stripe fabric


We opted to eliminate the zipper from Pocket D, and, instead, created two Pocket C’s, by simply binding the top long edge of each piece.

In control kit by Annie Tula Pink EverGlow webbing

Our handles are made from Tula Pink webbing which makes fast work of a normally tedious process. When working with nylon webbing, I like to slightly singe each cut end with a lighter to eliminate fraying; you can also use a product like Fray Check.

Webbing Cutting Instructions:

For the handle tabs, cut four 6 ½” strips

For the handles, cut two 16” strips

To Make Handle Tabs:

Insert 1 ½” of webbing into 1” rectangle ring, fold over the webbing, and sew to secure. I like to make a ¾” box with an X inside. I stitch this twice for extra security. Make 4.

To Make Handles:

Mark a line 4 ½” from each side. Fold the webbing in half and stitch between these marked lines. I stitched at 1/8” intervals to secure—your thread will show, so pay attention to both your top thread and your bobbin thread.

To Complete Handle Units:

Follow the instructions in Section IIC. Make Handle Units in the printed ByAnnie pattern.

In control kit by Annie Tula Pink EverGlowIn control kit by Annie Tula Pink EverGlow Webbing

Download the addendum with the additional instructions 

Sample made by the great LazySewist Kim Greenfeld ❤️

Enjoy your beautiful creation and please, share your pictures by email at

All Ears Tula Pink EverGlow

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Download the addendum with the additional instructions


  • Judith Wordelman

    Where is the KIT? Getting a file not found error message! I need those ELEPHANTS!!!

  • Kris Doan

    Can we still get the kit for the In Control Everglow Kit? When I click on the link, the website tells me the page is not found.

  • Elaine Hamilton

    I am also clueless on understanding the In Control – Mark a line 4 1/2" from each side and then fold webbing in half. Help with understanding this step will be helpful. I am at a standstill for days. Thank you.

  • jeanne

    just trying to understand how to make the handles. Mark a line 4 1/2 in from each side then fold the webbing in half and stitch between these marked lines.? I am not getting it! do I stitch lenghtwise or cross wise? I am not sure of the purpose of this step. Any help would be appreciated! tx

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