Dinara Mirtalipova

September 17, 2019

Dinara Mirtalipova is a well known Artist, Illustrator and Designer., new to the Wonderful World of Woven Ribbons

Dinara Mirtalipova


Her style is greatly inspired by Uzbekistan Folk Art. She delves into the colorful mythology and fairy tales and brings to us a unique and modern take which is totally on-trend. Her folksy, hand-crafted vision is distinctively imbued with heart and whimsy and her limited color palette of subtle, rich colors makes her designs tremendously attractive.

Dinara Mirtalipova

We are excited to add her beautiful designs to our fantastic world of woven jacquard ribbons- inspired by the French tradition .


The ribbons lends themselves to many sewing and crafts projects such as embellishment on bags, children's clothing. book covers, bracelets, cuffs, ornaments, lanyards, key fobs and of course dog collars...

Think of curtains, pillow covers, table runners, Holiday Decor and more...

Can be stitched, but also glued on fabric on cardboard.

Use your pack as a sampler and get more yardage after... Buy it as a gift! 



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