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.Chevron Ribbon PouchWe're offering a re-edition of Amy Butler's best selling ribbons in a celebratory collection. Many of you know that Amy Butler has moved on to other creative ventures. Visit her new website

We wanted to honor her exquisite contribution to the textile world by putting together a gorgeous selection of her ribbons that we felt capture the essence of her design aesthetic; her bold, modern take on classical motifs and her beautifully restrained color palettes.

This special edition includes a Designer Ribbon Pack, ribbons spools and ribbons by the yard. It is immediately recognizable as Amy Butler with its iconic icy blue, pure pink and the pop color of her delicate lime green.

Link to the Retail Collection

This is our tribute to Amy Butler and we hope to capture your imagination and inspire you to create something beautiful or simply to keep this rare treasure in your collections for posterity. 

Here gentle and powerful message is to remind everyone that:

Amy Butler


Read more about her fascinating

Brand Story 

I’ve been on an artistic path since I was a little girl and have enjoyed all of the expressions of my creativity from being an illustrator, book author, and fabric designer to developing my brand and the creation of colorful home and fashion products. But what’s been most interesting is how my path has changed and re-arranged in order for me to be my happiest self along the way so new opportunities for expression could be revealed. 

 Each turn and shift has paved the way for my next expansion as a creator and has shown me that creation and the happiness that I can derive from that, is a very broad term, and if I allow it, it can show up for me in amazing ways. Practicing embracing change and being willing to grow and experience things differently over time has awarded me a lot of fulfillment and inspiration. The more I let go and trust the process while I actively choose what’s right for me, surprising gifts and talents come to the surface that I didn’t know were there. What I’m learning and what I want to share is how life is happening for us and always opening into more. 

My journey as an artist is a great example of life’s processing as I now create as a Reiki master, artistic & personal development leader, mastermind with Dave on our inspiration magazine Blossom, and develop products and experiences that enrich people’s lives.  I’m having fun and loving my life and I want that for everyone. This is what fuels my passion to keep growing with others and offer workshops. They create a sense of community and safety where we all can explore and connect with what’s up next for each of us. 


 We created some projects in Kits with this wonderful creation

1. Renaissance Ribbon Bag

Amy Butler


2. ClamUp Pattern by Annie


3.Chevron Ribbon Pouch


4. Origami coi pouch





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