Pull out Box with Winged Fabric & Ribbons from Bonnie Christine



Welcome to our Renaissance Ribbons stop on the Winged Blog Tour with Bonnie Christine, well loved designer of Art Gallery Fabrics.



We are the lucky ones to have co-created with Bonnie her very first line of woven jacquard ribbons based on the lovely Springy fabric collections Winged and Sweet Honey.
So, of course we want to show you how sweet and delicious they look together: ribbons and fabrics.


Our project is a small and cute fabric drawer box that contains the coordinated fluttering ribbons... It is a real treasure to give or simply to enjoy in your own creative space! We took inspiration from this great well done pattern by Comfortstitching: Pull out Boxes available on Etsy and just made a few modifications: -cover length 7" -lined the cover in satin so the drawer slides easily -put double interface on the sides of the drawer to make it more firm -and of course used a bit of ribbon to make the loop!


Bonnie Christine Winged Ribbons 
Ask your local fabric store to stock the ribbons, visit our wholesale website, or see them soon at our online retail store.
We welcome your comments and questions (info@renaissanceribbons.com).

Please see more of us on FB and instagram as we will schedule a give away of the ribbons before the end of year!

A big thanks to Bonnie for creating these charming designs that translate so well onto fabrics and woven ribbons! And what a fantastic idea to create a Winged Blog Tour - just like a flowing stream of lovely creative projects.
Give your feedback and get even more inspired by following Bonnie in all of her creative spaces! blog | fabric | facebook | twitter | instagram | Winged lookbook | free quilt pattern

. Also read about the tour and see the full schedule here.
Yesterday was Brandi Blowers | BNB Designs and tomorrow April San Pedro | I am Artisan

Bonnie Christine Winged Ribbons

Bonnie Christine Winged Ribbons

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