Re-imagine & Renovate: Pinafore Style Sewing Machine Cover

From Sew4Home:

"Our R&R series (Re-imagine & Renovate) is a favorite here at Sew4Home. You get to see how new fabric and trim transforms a classic project. Go from floral and frilly to sleek and modern, from traditional to whimsical. Or, simply experiment with a new color palette. Today, we start a mini-series under the R&R banner. Our friends at Renaissance Ribbons are getting into the act as "guest renovators," making their own versions of the projects we've done for them over the past few years. The original Pinafore Style Sewing Machine Cover was designed as the free-spirited cousin of our previous fitted covers. This cover drapes over your machine and sports handy pockets to keep a few tools, patterns and notions at the ready..."

See the full tutorial on Sew4Home

RR-Sewing_Machine_Cover-5 RR-Sewing_Machine_Cover-4 RR-Sewing_Machine_Cover-3 RR-Sewing_Machine_Cover-2

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