Folklore Bolster Pillow by Sew4Home

From Sew4Home:

"Wild Child! That's the name of the folk art inspired collection on which these exuberant Jane Sassaman ribbons are based. This is Jane's first collection with Renaissance Ribbons and it's a perfect fit. Intricate detail is a hallmark of all the Renaissance woven ribbons, and it's crucial to achieve the depth of color and design in this rich collection. Jane describes it as being, "Infused with 'Flower Power'." The folklore feeling immediately came through for us, and we were inspired to combine the bright ribbons with a festive red denim highlighted with white piping and white tufted buttons on each end..."

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Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 4.07.21 PM Folklore-Bolster-Pillow1 Folklore-Bolster-Pillow2Material

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