A free ribbon cuff tutorial from Bubby and Bean

And now for the DIY woven ribbon cuff tutorial!  This bohemian-inspired accessory project is quick, easy, and inexpensive, and makes a great gift. 

YOU WILL NEED:  cotton fabric // a piece of iron-on interfacing // assortment of woven (also known as jacquard) ribbons // coordinating thread // two snap buttons and snap setting tool // basic sewing tools // vintage brooch (optional)


1. From cotton fabric, cut two rectangles at 9" (the average wrist circumference) x your chosen width.  To determine total width, lay your choice of ribbons side by side and measure the width, then add ¼" to each side.  In my example, I used two narrow ribbons and one wider ribbon.  Then on the back of one rectangle, iron on the interfacing.

2. Cut 9" pieces of ribbon.  On right side of interfaced piece, stitch down the ribbons on either side using the thread that coordinates best with ribbon color.  Make sure there are no gaps between the ribbons.

3. Lay second rectangle right side up and place interfaced piece on top of it, right side down. Pin and stitch all around using a narrow seam, leaving a small gap on one long side.  Remember to back stitch beginning and end.  Clip corners and gently turn right side out.  Iron flat.  Top stitch all around, thereby closing the gap.

4.  Use the snap setting tool to attach the snap button top parts in each corner and match up corresponding socket parts in the two opposite corners.

5. Attach vintage brooch if you wish and your cuff is ready to wear! Have fun!

Many thanks to our featured sponsor Duni for sharing a little about a day in the life of her businesses, as well as this fun DIY tutorial.  Make sure you pay a visit to her blog and shop.  She makes some of the most elegant, feminine sleepwear I've ever seen.  Truly beautiful!  You can also find Duni on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest xo, melissa

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