Zip-itself Ribbon Coin Purse tutorial- also called Tetrahedron Ribbon Coin Purse



 Shared by Craft Passion -online:

This Zip Itself coin purse is truly an amazing and creative handmade design… zip-up to a tetrahedron shaped coin purse, unzip to a long ribbon. This zip-itself coin purse is made from 2 simple materials that you can get from the shop easily – ribbon and zipper.

Get the tutorial on how to sew Zip Itself coin purse with lining after this jump.


And if you want a bit more information from a crafter who made them and changed the size of ribbons and added another ribbon as a lining, have a look at what Hannah Trost from Silver Serpent Studio has to say here on her blog post:

Tetrahedral Coin Purse - A Fun & Puzzling DIY Project!

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