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Sewing Kit Kids & Baby Mice

Kit Couture by French Designer Odile Bailloeul: Barnabe and Salome are the 2 young mice - 6.3" tall, all dressed up and each holding a baby: 3" tall- total 4 mice

Made of a nice cotton with the pattern printed- Made  in France. The kit contains:

  • a photo showing the finished product,
  • the printed pattern on cotton fabric for the young boy and girls mice with their baby toys- Their clothes are already printed on the fabric.
  • Some Pipe Cleaners and felt to create the ears
  • and instructions in English with illustrations.

You just need to cut, assemble, sew and stuff with polyfill ( not provided)- does not include the metallic wire to pull the narrow arms and legs- wire included in the parents kit

Washable Cotton warm water

Consider the option of adding the Parents to create the family! see photo attached