Width: 2-3/4"

JF-41477/70mm Col 4_y

Jacobean floral in red and blue on ochre - by 1/2 yd

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French Jacquard from our archive Collection- woven on Old World wooden shuttle looms in France - Rare - limited quantities- sold by 1/2 yd --

2-3/4" wide- A regal ribbon with striking stylized floral patterns in strong red and blue with gold accents on ochre ground with blue and green trim

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beautiful ribbon!

it's so pretty and detail. I am happy with my purchase.

Beautiful ribbons!

When I was a teenager I used to drool over the embroidered ribbons in a shop in the east village in New York that had ribbons imported from Russia. I bought several rolls of these ribbons, ran a dowel through the center of the cores of the rolls and with a piece of ribbon that ran from one end of the stick around my neck, suspended the collection in front of me. I sold the ribbons by the yard, on the street in Berkeley, where I was growing up. I made enough money to go back to New York that summer to see my dad. I have always adored these kinds of ribbons and when a friend showed me Renaissance Ribbons I fell in love and bought a few samples for my wife for her birthday. She doesn't know it yet because it's not until the end of next month, but I assure you, your ribbons are already a smash hit.


Jacobean floral in red and blue on ochre - by 1/2 yd

Jacobean red floral ribbon

I am thrilled with my purchase. The ribbons are stunningly beautiful. Great quality and exceptional customer service.