What our customers say: Exactly as described plus two gifts. Thank you so much. Cannot wait for the next one! Great projects I love getting the kits. The fabric and ribbon is so beautiful. Love these fabrics. Very unique line. Projects are fun and easy to do. Can’t wait for next months!!! K -Kit club Beautiful material- Kit-club Fun Really the 3-month Kit club is tons of fun and always a surprise!!! Love it! Love it! Love it!!!!

Instructions on how you could add the ribbons, but we also leave it to your own creativity!

The add on video is on ByAnnie’s website. The free access code in printed on a flyer that is inside your printed pattern. It gets you through the whole project made with a wide Velvet Border, but it shows very well how to attach the zipper to the Soft and Stable and how to attach the ribbons. In the addendum, we show you how to replace the Velvet Border with a quilted fabric panel.

Voila! This is the result of your 3 Month Linework Renaissance Ribbons KitClub!