OBV-PJ04 Luscious

Philip Jacobs Luscious Magenta-5" wide-Printed Velvet Border

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Selling in 1 Metre Pack - 1.1 yd - Digitally Printed Velvet Border -5" wide. Created by Odile Bailloeul, inspired by Philip Jacobs Luscious Magenta Design

This garland of roses in full bloom and these bunches of ripe plums evoke the splendor of summer! You can almost smell their heady perfume... Adopt these warm colors for captivating and feminine creations.

The velvety texture is amazingly soft and really pleasant to the touch! Use it as a gorgeous and unique embellishment on bags, pouches, clothes, or cushions. You can also create your own patchwork fabric, stitching pieces together, or simply make a small hand-stitched fabric weight to keep nearby as a petting friend!

Collect them all! Check our blog post for inspiration!

Printed in France, 100% polyester. Machine washable at 30°C (no softener or tumble dryer)

1 Meter Pack- marked with a white line on the selvage at 1/2 meter