Key Fob Kit Linework Tula Pink

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This Linework Tula Pink Key Fob Kit contains all the supplies you need to make some ribbon key fobs!

2yd Heavyweight cotton webbing in black 1.25" wide

2yd Heavyweight cotton webbing in pink 1.25" wide

1 Designer ribbon Pack Linework Tula Pink - 5 yds of woven jacquard ribbons

16 sets of Key fobs hardware 1.25" wide- they work with the 7/8" ribbons in the pack

Typically we use 9" of the 7/8" wide ribbons and 9" of the 1.25" webbing to make 1 Key Fob, but you can make it shorter to be cuter or to use it as a zipper pull on a bag you made or you can make it longer to make it as a wristlet.
In any case, you'll have plenty of supplies!